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Top Forums Programming How can I tell when recv is finished with pending data? Post 302634925 by Corona688 on Friday 4th of May 2012 03:10:02 AM
Read one character at a time into a larger buffer than you need.

Stop when you receive \n. That's when you know it's done.

Copy into the actual buffer, up to the the end of what you actually wanted. This ignores any you didn't need.
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XmTextFieldGetSubstringWcs(3X)											    XmTextFieldGetSubstringWcs(3X)

XmTextFieldGetSubstringWcs - A TextField function that retrieves a portion of a wide character internal text buffer SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/TextF.h> int XmTextFieldGetSubstringWcs (widget, start, num_chars, buffer_size, buffer) Widget widget; XmTextPosition start; int num_chars; int buffer_size; wchar_t *buffer; DESCRIPTION
XmTextFieldGetSubstringWcs retrieves a copy of a portion of the internal text buffer of a TextField widget that is stored in a wide charac- ter format. The function copies a specified number of characters from a given start position in the internal text buffer into a buffer provided by the application. A NULL terminator is placed at the end of the copied data. Specifies the TextField widget ID. Specifies the beginning character position from which the data will be retrieved. This is an integer number of characters from the beginning of the text buffer. The first character position is 0. Specifies the number of wchar_t characters to be copied into the provided buffer. Specifies the size of the supplied buffer as a number of wchar_t storage locations. The minimum size is num_chars + 1. Specifies the wide character buffer into which the internal text buffer will be copied. For a complete definition of TextField and its associated resources, see XmTextField(3X). RETURN VALUE
The function was successful. The function failed because it was unable to copy the specified number of characters into the buffer pro- vided. The buffer size may be insufficient. The contents of buffer are undefined. The requested number of characters extended beyond the internal buffer. The function copied characters to the end of the buffer and terminated the string with a NULL terminator; fewer than num_chars characters were copied. SEE ALSO
XmTextField(3X), XmTextFieldGetSubstring(3X) XmTextFieldGetSubstringWcs(3X)

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