Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Odd looping issue with NET::FTP and Proftpd Post 302633719 by Corona688 on Wednesday 2nd of May 2012 11:07:28 AM
Without seeing the script in question I couldn't possibly tell what's happening.
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First off I did try google for help on this topic, didn't really find anything. When I try to ftp from my SCO Unix box (SCO_SV servername 3.2 5.0.5 i386) to a proFTPD server within my company I get this error Connected to 10.?.?.?. 220 ProFTPD Server Name (10.?.?.?:root):... (1 Reply)
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odd ftp problem

we migrated from a system with HPUX B.11.0 to HPUX 11.23 i64 the new server is the same IP as the old server. the old server is renumbered to something else to avoid conflict. on the old system, we had a user named "ftp" . There is one person who daily will ftp files to the host using this... (15 Replies)
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Looping in FTP session

Hi I am trying rename multiple files in a remote location by connecting through FTP. How do i do this? I get error as for is not FTP command. I looked the FAQ for scripting but it is doesnt relate to my post. Please help. Thanks ftp -in >Error.log <<! open $HOST user $User $Pwd for... (2 Replies)
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Odd Control Character issue ^A

Sorry to bug you, but my sed is failing me, I have a file auto generated from abinitio, it has a string of chars ending with a line break, and then it has added a ^A character, I can remove this is vi by using the following %s/^A//g (where ^A is ctrl v and control A), however when I try to sed... (1 Reply)
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Perl - Net::FTP issue

Wondering if anyone can help or advise on following issue. The below script should simply connect to a different server and retrieve certain files for me. use lib "/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxx"; use Net::FTP; my $directory = "xxxxxxxx"; my $destinationDir = "xxxxxxxxx"; my $filePrefix =... (1 Reply)
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[Solved] Unable to rename file in ftp server .Net:FTP perl

Hello All, I am trying to connect to ftp server and get the files. Also i need to rename the file in other ftp dir. rename method is not allowing me to rename the file in other dir. When i tried copy command by using net::FTP:FILE then perl says it is not installed. Can some body help me to... (2 Replies)
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named caching server odd lookup issue!

Hello All, I have resubmitted this issue I am having as the my last post was moved to programming as the issue appeared to be specific to java but on further investigation this is not the case. The issues also arises when running the host command and appears to be either a problem with the... (1 Reply)
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For looping on FTP

Hi, I have a requirement, where i have to check multiple folders(number of folder may vary) for a file and fetch the file one at a time and load it. On the ftp part, I fetch the file, Copy it to Archive folder and then remove the original file for flist in $folder_list; do print -p... (6 Replies)
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RBAC with ftp/sftp using proftpd

I'm using proftpd to manage my ftp/sftp connections but would like to use RBAC to only allow ftp/sftp connections. Has anyone done this or can point me in the right direction? This is my first experience trying to use RBAC. Thanks in advance. (2 Replies)
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Config FTP on SCO Like proftpd

i have installed and working FTP Server With SCO 5.05. But i need solve problem related to config, like proftpd (i not have installed proftpd) the recomendation on client site is enable port 113 related to inetd. but i need solve it on server side, like proftpd.conf: DefaultRoot ~... (9 Replies)
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KDE-BUILD(1)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					      KDE-BUILD(1)

kde-build - Updates and recompiles a tree of KDE CVS modules SYNOPSIS
kde-build has been designed to keep a local copy of several KDE CVS modules up to date and recompile them. Those modules have to be saved in a common directory, e.g. something like ~/kde-src/ | +-> kdelibs/ | +-> kdebase/ | -> kdenetwork/ In this case, the KDE source directory would be ~/kde-src/. The script will take care of compiling them in the correct order, checks for dependencies and resolves them as far as possible. Please not that, prior to first invokation of the script, the configuration file 'kde-buildrc' has to be modified to reflect the local environment, such as paths etc. RETURN VALUE
The following error codes are returned by the script. 0 - No error seems to have occured. 1 - The script could not change into the directory of a module. 2 - The script could not open the file '' of a module. 3 - The configuration of a module failed. 4 - The compilation of a module failed. 5 - The installation of a module failed. 6 - An invalid source directory was specified. 7 - An invalid Qt directory was specified. 8 - An invalid CVS client was specified. 9 - No cvsup server was specified. 10 - The temporary CVSUP configuration file couldn't be created. 11 - The configuration file kde-buildrc couldn't be loaded. EXAMPLES
cd ~/scripts/; vi ./kde-buildrc; ./kde-build BUGS
Lots, mostly that the script wasn't written with portability in mind and therefore won't run very nice on platforms other than Linux. TODO
Add a DIAGNOSIS section to this man page. AUTHOR
Frerich Raabe <> 3rd Berkeley Distribution perl v5.6.1 KDE-BUILD(1)

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