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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need help with output formatting Post 302617397 by Nick1097 on Monday 2nd of April 2012 03:06:23 PM
Old 04-02-2012
by running by itself u mean by
$(du "$dval") ?

cant it says Documents: not found

thanks for the quick reply btw

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xcb_xkb_get_geometry(3) 					   XCB Requests 					   xcb_xkb_get_geometry(3)

xcb_xkb_get_geometry - SYNOPSIS
#include <xcb/xkb.h> Request function xcb_xkb_get_geometry_cookie_t xcb_xkb_get_geometry(xcb_connection_t *conn, xcb_xkb_device_spec_t deviceSpec, xcb_atom_t name); Reply datastructure typedef struct xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t { uint8_t response_type; uint8_t deviceID; uint16_t sequence; uint32_t length; xcb_atom_t name; uint8_t found; uint8_t pad0; uint16_t widthMM; uint16_t heightMM; uint16_t nProperties; uint16_t nColors; uint16_t nShapes; uint16_t nSections; uint16_t nDoodads; uint16_t nKeyAliases; uint8_t baseColorNdx; uint8_t labelColorNdx; } xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t; Reply function xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply(xcb_connection_t *conn, xcb_xkb_get_geometry_cookie_t cookie, xcb_generic_error_t **e); Reply accessors xcb_xkb_counted_string_16_t *xcb_xkb_get_geometry_label_font (const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_request_t *reply) int xcb_xkb_get_geometry_properties_length(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); xcb_xkb_property_iterator_t xcb_xkb_get_geometry_properties_iterator(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); int xcb_xkb_get_geometry_colors_length(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); xcb_xkb_counted_string_16_iterator_t xcb_xkb_get_geometry_colors_iterator(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); int xcb_xkb_get_geometry_shapes_length(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); xcb_xkb_shape_iterator_t xcb_xkb_get_geometry_shapes_iterator(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); int xcb_xkb_get_geometry_sections_length(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); xcb_xkb_section_iterator_t xcb_xkb_get_geometry_sections_iterator(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); int xcb_xkb_get_geometry_doodads_length(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); xcb_xkb_doodad_iterator_t xcb_xkb_get_geometry_doodads_iterator(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); xcb_xkb_key_alias_t *xcb_xkb_get_geometry_key_aliases(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_request_t *reply); int xcb_xkb_get_geometry_key_aliases_length(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); xcb_xkb_key_alias_iterator_t xcb_xkb_get_geometry_key_aliases_iterator(const xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply_t *reply); REQUEST ARGUMENTS
response_type The type of this reply, in this case XCB_XKB_GET_GEOMETRY. This field is also present in the xcb_generic_reply_t and can be used to tell replies apart from each other. sequence The sequence number of the last request processed by the X11 server. length The length of the reply, in words (a word is 4 bytes). deviceID TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. name TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. found TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. widthMM TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. heightMM TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. nProperties TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. nColors TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. nShapes TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. nSections TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. nDoodads TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. nKeyAliases TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. baseColorNdx TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. labelColorNdx TODO: NOT YET DOCUMENTED. DESCRIPTION
Returns an xcb_xkb_get_geometry_cookie_t. Errors have to be handled when calling the reply function xcb_xkb_get_geometry_reply. If you want to handle errors in the event loop instead, use xcb_xkb_get_geometry_unchecked. See xcb-requests(3) for details. ERRORS
This request does never generate any errors. SEE ALSO
Generated from xkb.xml. Contact for corrections and improvements. XCB
2014-06-10 xcb_xkb_get_geometry(3)

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