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Operating Systems AIX IBM SAN STORAGE HOT SPARE DISK Post 302604167 by filosophizer on Saturday 3rd of March 2012 12:10:25 PM
Old 03-03-2012


I have DS4000 IBM SAN Storage ( aka FastT Storage )

One of my disks has failed and I had a hot spare disk covering all the arrays. As the disk failed, immediately the hotspare disk took over the failed disk ( see the JPEG in the attachment )

My Question: How can I make the hotspare which now took over the failed disk, to become part of the array and it should be a permanent disk ( instead of a hotspare disk as you can see + sign below the disk ) ?


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vxreattach(1M)															    vxreattach(1M)

vxreattach - reattach disk drives that have once again become accessible SYNOPSIS
/etc/vx/bin/vxreattach [-br ] [accessname...] /etc/vx/bin/vxreattach -c accessname DESCRIPTION
The vxreattach utility reattaches disks to the disk group they were in and retains the same media name. This operation may be necessary if a disk has a transient failure, or if Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) starts with some disk drivers unloaded and unloadable. Disks then enter the failed state. If the problem is fixed, vxreattach may be able to reattach the disks without plexes being flagged as stale, as long as the reattach happens before any volumes on the disk are started. vxreattach tries to find a disk in the same disk group with the same disk ID for the disk(s) to be reattached. The reattach operation may fail even after finding the disk with the matching disk ID if the original cause (or some other cause) for the disk failure still exists. vxreattach is usually invoked by vxdiskadm when performing disk recovery. It is not intended to be run directly by an administrator. OPTIONS
-b Performs the reattach operation in the background. -c Checks if a reattach is possible. No operation is performed, but the name of the disk group and disk media name at which the disk can be reattached is displayed. -r Tries to recover stale plexes of any volumes on the failed disk. It does this by calling vxrecover. EXIT CODES
A zero exit status is returned if the reattach is performed; non-zero is returned otherwise. See vxintro(1M) for a list of standard exit codes. EXAMPLES
Check if reattachment of disk c1t2d0 is possible: /etc/vx/bin/vxreattach -c c1t2d0 If reattachment is possible, vxreattach returns with an exit status of 0 and displays the disk group name and disk media name. If reat- tachment is not possible, vxreattach returns an exit status of 2 and displays an error. Attempt to reattach the disk in the foreground and try to recover stale plexes of any volumes on the disk: /etc/vx/bin/vxreattach -r c1t2d0 If the reattachment is successful, vxreattach returns an exit status of 0. Otherwise, if an error occurs, vxreattach returns a non-zero exit code as defined on vxintro(1M). FILES
/etc/default/vxplex Standard defaults file that can be used to determine whether FastResync is used when attaching plexes. See vxplex(1M) for details. SEE ALSO
vxdiskadm(1M), vxintro(1M), vxplex(1M), vxrecover(1M) VxVM 24 Mar 2008 vxreattach(1M)

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