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Full Discussion: Prize of being an Admin
The Lounge War Stories Prize of being an Admin Post 302596932 by admin_xor on Wednesday 8th of February 2012 04:47:29 PM
Excellent point, bartus11.
Being a naive and over-enthusiastic one, I was only thinking about the problem on hand, not about the consequences. Looks like I have to work on so many things!! Smilie
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dxpower(8)						      System Manager's Manual							dxpower(8)

dxpower - controls energy saving features on systems that can be power managed SYNOPSIS
/usr/bin/X11/dxpower DESCRIPTION
The Power Manager application, dxpower, is used to maintain and manage the power management features on computers and peripherals that can be power managed. Power Manager lets you place monitors in three power saving modes: Standby, Suspend, or Off and lets you selectively spin down inactive disks to reduce power consumption. You also can specify when you want power management features to be active: always, never, or only at a specific time of day. Privileged (root) users have the capability to set system wide power management values. Non-privileged users set power management values on their monitors for the current log in session. The Power Manager application can be invoked from: The CDE Application Manager Application Group: System_Admin System Admin Subgroup: Dai- lyAdmin If you are not using CDE, start Power Manager from the command line: # /usr/bin/X11/dxpower For more information about how to use the Power Manager application, start the application and click on the Help button. An alternative to using the Power Manager application is to set and control power management attributes from the command line by using the sysconfig command. Refer to System Administration for more information about setting and controlling power management from the command line. SEE ALSO
Commands: sysconfig(8) System Administration dxpower(8)

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