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You can rule out a lot of internal hard disk controllers by preventing ahci.ko from loading, if that's built as a module and not built-in. This also rules out a lot of internal cdroms though.

You could try disabling your hard-drive controller in the BIOS.

If you're able to run any commands on the clonezilla disk before clonezilla starts doing things, how about chmod 000 /dev/sda* ? Might fail if clonezilla runs everything as root, but worth a shot.

You could also use a machine with no internal hard drives!
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MLXCTL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						 MLXCTL(8)

mlxctl -- Mylex DAC960 family management utility SYNOPSIS
mlxctl [-f dev] [-v] [-a] status [drive] [...] mlxctl [-f dev] [-a] detach [drive] [...] mlxctl [-f dev] [-a] check [drive] [...] mlxctl [-f dev] rebuild channel:target mlxctl [-f dev] cstatus mlxctl [-f dev] rescan mlxctl [-f dev] config DESCRIPTION
The mlxctl utility performs status monitoring and management functions for Mylex DAC960 RAID controllers and attached devices. The following options are available: -a Apply the action to all drives attached to the controller. -f dev Specify the control device to use. The default is /dev/mlx0. -v Increased verbosity. The following commands are available: cstatus Display the controller's current status. status Display the status of the specified drives. This command returns 0 if all drives tested are online, 1 if one or more drives are critical and 2 if one or more are offline. rescan Re-scan the logical drive table, and attach or detach devices from the system as necessary. detach Detach the specified drives. Drives must be unmounted and unopened for this command to succeed. check Initiate a consistency check and repair pass on a drive that provides redundancy (e.g., RAID1 or RAID5). This command returns imme- diately. The status command can be used to monitor the progress of the check. rebuild Rebuild onto the specified physical drive. Note that there can be only one running rebuild operation per controller at any given time. This command returns immediately. The cstatus command can be used to monitor the progress of the rebuild. config Write the current system drive configuration to stdout. EXAMPLES
Display the status of drive ld3 attached to the controller mlx1: mlxctl -f /dev/mlx1 -v status ld3 SEE ALSO
ld(4), mlx(4) HISTORY
The mlxctl command first appeared in NetBSD 1.5.3, and was based on the mlxcontrol utility found in FreeBSD. BUGS
Modifying drive configuration is not yet supported. Some commands do not work with older firmware revisions. Error log extraction is not yet supported. BSD
April 10, 2000 BSD

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