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Operating Systems Linux Debian Debian Sparc 6.0.3: multiple Nautilus file manager process Post 302582343 by jao_madn on Thursday 15th of December 2011 02:44:51 PM
Old 12-15-2011
Debian Sparc 6.0.3: multiple Nautilus file manager process


I would like to ask some assistance about my new install sparc64 debian 6.0.3 in a sun blade 150 Hardware.i having this problem in a nautilus file manager in the below panel, it keeps open and closing (multiple file manager process starting and dying) this in result of 100 percent cpu load, this problem will start in a few minutes after using the fresh new install system. This is the second time i fresh install i thought this will disappear if i fresh install again. I install on a DVD disc.
I did the ff but doesn't solve the problem:
1. remove & reinstall the nautilus package including the gnome dependecies like gnome-core* gnome-desktop* etc
2. remove & reinstall the full gnome* package.
3. fresh install twice.
4. reboot multiple times for every steps taken above.
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nautilus-file-management-properties(1)			      General Commands Manual			    nautilus-file-management-properties(1)

nautilus-file-management-properties - File Management Preferences SYNOPSIS
nautilus-file-management-properties [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the nautilus-file-management-properties command. File Management Preferences allows an user to configure the way nautilus looks. You can specify a default view, and select sort options and display options. You can also specify default settings for icon views and list views. OPTIONS
Nautilus follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. --help Show a summary of options. --version Show version. Other standard GNOME options not listed here are also supported. SEE ALSO
File Management Preferences documentation can be found from the "Help" menu, or by pressing the F1 key. Nautilus also has a website at AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Julian Andres Klode <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others), based on a manpage by Fernando Ribeiro <>. 05 Jan 2008 nautilus-file-management-properties(1)

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