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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting FTP files from different directory from remote server to one directory in local Post 302582262 by methyl on Thursday 15th of December 2011 09:16:54 AM
There is no "recursive search" feature of ftp.

This is a pre-emptive solution without properly stating the problem or anything about the computers.
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Unable to ssh and list files in local directory from remote.

#!/bin/bash script_work_dir="/home/websys/TEST_dpi_42_file_trnsfer_engine/PORT22/script_work_area" script_config_dir="/home/websys/TEST_dpi_42_file_trnsfer_engine/PORT22/script_config" dpi_sourceServerList=$script_config_dir"/dpi_sourceServerList" dpi_srvr_42="rtm@"... (8 Replies)
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rpdump(1)						      General Commands Manual							 rpdump(1)

rpdump - pine remote data utility SYNTAX
rpdump [ -f ] -l Local_file -r Remote_folder DESCRIPTION
Rpdump may be used to copy the actual data from remote Pine configuration files or address books into a local file. It is intended to be used by system administrators. Regular users should normally use the facilities provided within Pine. Local_file will normally be a local temporary file. Remote_folder is the IMAP folder being used as a remote Pine configuration (with the help of Pine's -P, -p, and -x commands or PINECONF, PINERC, and PINERCEX environment variables) or remote Pine address book folder. A copy of the data from Remote_folder will be copied to Local_file. -f Force the dump even if the remote folder is in an unrecognized format. -l Local_file The file on this system that is to be copied to. -r Remote_folder A remote folder name to be copied from. See the Pine documentation for the syntax of a remote folder name. One exam- ple is {my.imap.server}remote_pinerc. DIAGNOSTICS
Exit status is zero if all goes well, -1 otherwise. SEE ALSO
Rpload(1). Copyright 1989-2001 by the University of Washington. Pine and Pico are trademarks of the University of Washington. $Date: 2001/10/01 19:24:03 $ rpdump(1)

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