"[Solved] take name of directory and files as variables"

Post #302575338 by vbe on Monday 21st of November 2011 10:40:01 AM

Yes Smilie

So I will make you work on your script:
Here is how I would write the script (just little modifications for...) in order to see what is happening so you can understand and try to debug:

vi sample0001

#!/bin/sh -x
echo "======================"
echo " Start of  sample0001 "
echo "======================"


for i in $(pwd) $(ls)
   echo "$i"
   if [ -d $dir ]; then
      echo "\$2: " $2
      echo "idr : " $dir
      cp $2 $dir
      echo " $2 copied to directory $dir "
      mkdir Copy && cp $2 $dir
      echo "line 18 -  $2 copied to directory $dir "
   echo next
   read kyb

Feel free to ask what is not clear to you...
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globus-update-certificate-dir - Update symlinks in the trusted CA directory SYNOPSIS
globus-update-certificate-dir [-help] [-d DIRECTORY] DESCRIPTION
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