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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Rename last directory in a file structure Post 302569586 by ahamed101 on Monday 31st of October 2011 11:05:52 PM
Old 11-01-2011
Try this...

for line in $(find test -type d)
        z=$(echo $line | grep "$str" )
        if [[ -z "$z" && $(echo $str | grep -v "Submitted") ]]
                echo "mv $str $str-Submitted"
                #mv $str $str-Submitted
if [ $(echo $line | grep -v "Submitted") ]
        echo "mv $str $str-Submitted"
        #mv $str $str-Submitted

If the above code is printing the correct "mv" commands, then un-comment the "mv" statements, remove the "echo" statements and execute the script again.
echo "mv $str $str-Submitted"
#mv $str $str-Submitted

# should be changed to

mv $str $str-Submitted

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PARSE_STR(3)								 1							      PARSE_STR(3)

parse_str - Parses the string into variables

void parse_str (string $str, [array &$arr]) DESCRIPTION
Parses $str as if it were the query string passed via a URL and sets variables in the current scope. Note To get the current QUERY_STRING, you may use the variable $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']. Also, you may want to read the section on vari- ables from external sources. Note The magic_quotes_gpc setting affects the output of this function, as parse_str(3) uses the same mechanism that PHP uses to populate the $_GET, $_POST, etc. variables. PARAMETERS
o $str - The input string. o $arr - If the second parameter $arr is present, variables are stored in this variable as array elements instead. RETURN VALUES
No value is returned. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Using parse_str(3) <?php $str = "first=value&arr[]=foo+bar&arr[]=baz"; parse_str($str); echo $first; // value echo $arr[0]; // foo bar echo $arr[1]; // baz parse_str($str, $output); echo $output['first']; // value echo $output['arr'][0]; // foo bar echo $output['arr'][1]; // baz ?> SEE ALSO
parse_url(3), pathinfo(3), http_build_query(3), get_magic_quotes_gpc(3), urldecode(3). PHP Documentation Group PARSE_STR(3)

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