Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to connect to FTP server which requires SSL authentication? Post 302569355 by amitshete on Monday 31st of October 2011 03:59:55 AM
How to connect to FTP server which requires SSL authentication?


I tried searching through lot of threads for a solution but couldn't fetch the exact solution, so I am creating a new thread.

I am trying to connect to a FTP server

1) using a simple FTP command, it gives the error :
534 Policy requires SSL.
Login failed.

2) using SFTP command on port number 21
ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

3) using curl command, it throws following error
curl: (67) Access denied: 534

I am stuck at this point and could not think of any solution. Let me know if I am missing out on anything here.

Thanks in advance & apologies if a similar thread already exist.


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#include <curl/curl.h> typedef enum { CURLFTP_CREATE_DIR_NONE, CURLFTP_CREATE_DIR, CURLFTP_CREATE_DIR_RETRY } curl_ftpcreatedir; CURLcode curl_easy_setopt(CURL *handle, CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS, long create); DESCRIPTION
Pass a long telling libcurl to create the dir. If the value is CURLFTP_CREATE_DIR (1), libcurl will attempt to create any remote directory that it fails to "move" into. For FTP requests, that means a CWD command fails. CWD being the command that changes working directory. For SFTP requests, libcurl will attempt to create the remote directory if it can't obtain a handle to the target-location. The creation will fail if a file of the same name as the directory to create already exists or lack of permissions prevents creation. Setting create to CURLFTP_CREATE_DIR_RETRY (2), tells libcurl to retry the CWD command again if the subsequent MKD command fails. This is especially useful if you're doing many simultaneous connections against the same server and they all have this option enabled, as then CWD may first fail but then another connection does MKD before this connection and thus MKD fails but trying CWD works! DEFAULT
Added in 7.10.7. SFTP support added in 7.16.3. The retry option was added in 7.19.4. RETURN VALUE
Returns CURLE_OK if the option is supported, and CURLE_UNKNOWN_OPTION if the create value is not. SEE ALSO

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