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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Favourite Games console Post 302561908 by Corona688 on Wednesday 5th of October 2011 01:35:31 PM
Sega Genesis. Lost interest in consoles after that
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CONSOLEFS(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						      CONSOLEFS(4)

consolefs, C - file system for console access SYNOPSIS
aux/consolefs name dev [ name dev ... ] C system DESCRIPTION
To ease administration of multiple machines one might attach many serial console lines to a single computer. Consolefs is a file system that lets multiple users simultaneously access these console lines. Each name/dev pair represents the name of a console and the serial line device associated with it. Consolefs presents a single level directory with two files per console: name and namectl. Writes of name are equivalent to writes of dev and reads and writes of namectl are equivalent to reads and writes of devctl. Consolefs broadcasts any- thing it reads from dev to all readers of name. Therefore, many users can con(1) to a name, see all console output, and enter commands to the console. To keep users from inadvertently interfering with one another, notification is broadcast to all readers whenever a user opens or closes name. For example, if user boris opens a console that users vlad and barney have already opened, all will read the message: [+boris, vlad, barney] If vlad then closes, boris and barney will read: [-vlad, boris, barney] Consolefs posts the client end of its 9P channel in /srv/consolefs; mount (see bind(1)) this file to see the consoles. An example of 2 consoles complete with console logging is: % aux/consolefs bootes /dev/eia0 fornax /dev/eia1 % mount /srv/consoles /mnt/consoles % ls -p /mnt/consoles bootes bootesctl fornax fornaxctl % cat /mnt/consoles/fornax >> /sys/log/fornax & % cat /mnt/consoles/bootes >> /sys/log/bootes & The rc(1) script C automates this procedure. It uses import(4) to connect to /mnt/consoles on the machine connected to all the consoles, then uses con(1) to connect to the console of the machine system. The script must be edited at installation by the local administration to identify the system that holds /mnt/consoles. FILES
/srv/consoles Client end of pipe to server. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/aux/consolefs.l /rc/bin/C CONSOLEFS(4)

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