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Full Discussion: IBM Servers Documentation
Operating Systems AIX IBM Servers Documentation Post 302560626 by h@foorsa.biz on Friday 30th of September 2011 11:23:40 AM
Old 09-30-2011
If you mean some software with a some backend database to store system configuration , I think I have no proper answer to give.
Otherwise issue the below commands that may aid you in documenting your systems configuration and store them in some sort of spreadsheets like MS Excel for documenting purpose .

prtconf - list system configuration
lscfg [-v] - devices (-v = verbose for microcode levels, etc)
lscfg -v - devices verbose (microcode level, firmware, etc)
lsdev -Cc adapter - adapter cards
lsdev -Cc disk - disks
lsdev -Cc processor - CPU's
lsattr -El sys0 - serial number, model number, memory


oslevel- AIX OS level
instfix -i |grep ML - AIX maintenance level
lslpp -l - installed SW and levels

Disk and volumes

lsvg -o - active volume groups
lsvg -p vgname - disk drives in VG
lsvg -l vgname - LV's in VG
lslv lvname - LV detail
lslv -l lvname - LV disk location
lspv - disks
lspv -l hdisk# - LV's residing on a disk where # is the number of the disk


lsdev -Cc if -List network interfaces
netstat -rn -List network gateways

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VGSCAN(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 VGSCAN(8)

vgscan - scan all disks for volume groups and rebuild caches SYNOPSIS
vgscan [-d|--debug] [-h|-?|--help] [--ignorelockingfailure] [--mknodes] [-P|--partial] [-v|--verbose] DESCRIPTION
vgscan scans all SCSI, (E)IDE disks, multiple devices and a bunch of other disk devices in the system looking for LVM physical volumes and volume groups. Define a filter in lvm.conf(5) to restrict the scan to avoid a CD ROM, for example. In LVM2, vgscans take place automatically; but you might still need to run one explicitly after changing hardware. OPTIONS
See lvm(8) for common options. --mknodes Also checks the LVM special files in /dev that are needed for active logical volumes and creates any missing ones and removes unused ones. --cache Scan devices for LVM physical volumes and volume groups and instruct the lvmetad daemon to update its cached state accordingly. SEE ALSO
lvm(8), vgcreate(8), vgchange(8) Sistina Software UK LVM TOOLS 2.02.105(2)-RHEL7 (2014-03-26) VGSCAN(8)

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