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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support Different OS Kernel Update Frequency Post 302555827 by pludi on Thursday 15th of September 2011 06:01:24 PM
Old 09-15-2011
As always: it depends. Information about security updates is mostly relayed through special mailing lists, and CentOS and Debian (to my knowledge) only release updates for security problems or severe bugs for any release. Meaning, any software installed for CentOS will stay at that version and only receive security fixes, from the kernel to the GUI.

Whether or not you can postpone a reboot depends on how risked you estimate your system to be.
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Sendmail::Milter(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     Sendmail::Milter(3pm)

Sendmail::Milter - compatibility interface for Sendmail::PMilter SYNOPSIS
use Sendmail::Milter; Sendmail::Milter::auto_setconn(NAME); Sendmail::Milter::register(NAME, { CALLBACKS }, FLAGS); Sendmail::Milter::main(); DESCRIPTION
This is a compatibility interface which emulates the "standard" Sendmail::Milter API. FUNCTIONS
The following functions are available in this module. Unlike "Sendmail::PMilter", this interface involves a single, global instance of milter data, so these functions are called without an object reference. For each function, see the description of its object-based counterpart in Sendmail::PMilter. Sendmail::Milter::auto_getconn(NAME[, CONFIG]) Sendmail::Milter::auto_setconn(NAME[, CONFIG]) Sendmail::Milter::main([MAXCHILDREN[, MAXREQ]]) Sendmail::Milter::register(NAME, CALLBACKS[, FLAGS]) Sendmail::Milter::setconn(DESC) One extension function is provided by this implementation. Sendmail::Milter::get_milter() Returns the "Sendmail::PMilter" instance underlying this emulation layer. This allows mostly-unmodified milter scripts to set PMilter extensions (such as dispatcher and sendmail.cf values). It is recommended, however, that new code use the object instance methods described in Sendmail::PMilter. EXPORTS
In order to preserve compatibility with the standard "Sendmail::Milter" interface, all SMFI* constants described in Sendmail::PMilter are exported into the caller's namespace by default. (Note that "Sendmail::PMilter" itself does not export these symbols by default.) perl v5.10.1 2011-02-12 Sendmail::Milter(3pm)

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