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Operating Systems AIX AIX resources consumption group by process pattern Post 302547277 by victorcheung on Monday 15th of August 2011 03:53:38 AM
AIX resources consumption group by process pattern


I have AIX processes something as below, how to know the resources consumption group by process pattern "price" and "devdb"?

price 20% 250M 5%
devdb 30% 1000M 8%

oracle 2990122 1 0 10:33:39 - 0:00 ora_psp0_price
oracle 3199166 1 0 10:33:40 - 0:01 ora_mmon_price
oracle 3231982 1 0 10:33:40 - 0:00 ora_d000_price
oracle 3371086 1 0 10:33:40 - 0:32 ora_mmnl_price
oracle 3465234 1 0 10:33:39 - 0:01 ora_smon_price
oracle 3514524 1 0 10:41:05 - 0:00 ora_q000_price
oracle 3535094 1 0 10:33:39 - 0:07 ora_ckpt_price
oracle 3543168 1 0 10:33:40 - 0:00 ora_s000_price
oracle 3747990 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 oracleprice (LOCAL=NO)
oracle 3768350 1 0 Aug 12 - 1:01 oracleprice (LOCAL=NO)
oracle 3772498 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 oracleprice (LOCAL=NO)
oracle 3776686 1 0 Aug 12 - 0:02 oracleprice (LOCAL=NO)
oracle 3596470 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:07 ora_arc1_devdb
oracle 3674234 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 ora_q001_devdb
oracle 3678460 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 ora_s000_devdb
oracle 3694838 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 ora_d000_devdb
oracle 3735626 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 ora_reco_devdb
oracle 3743968 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 ora_q000_devdb
oracle 3747990 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 oracledevdb (LOCAL=NO)
oracle 3768350 1 0 Aug 12 - 1:01 oracledevdb (LOCAL=NO)
oracle 3772498 1 0 Aug 11 - 0:00 oracledevdb (LOCAL=NO)
oracle 3776686 1 0 Aug 12 - 0:02 oracledevdb (LOCAL=NO)

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PAC(8)							    BSD System Manager's Manual 						    PAC(8)

pac -- printer/plotter accounting information SYNOPSIS
pac [-cmrs] [-P printer] [-p price] [name ...] DESCRIPTION
pac reads the printer/plotter accounting files, accumulating the number of pages (the usual case) or feet (for raster devices) of paper con- sumed by each user, and printing out how much each user consumed in pages or feet and dollars. Options and operands available: -Pprinter Accounting is done for the named printer. Normally, accounting is done for the default printer (site dependent) or the value of the environment variable PRINTER is used. -c flag causes the output to be sorted by cost; usually the output is sorted alphabetically by name. -m flag causes the host name to be ignored in the accounting file. This allows for a user on multiple machines to have all of his printing charges grouped together. -pprice The value price is used for the cost in dollars instead of the default value of 0.02 or the price specified in /etc/printcap. -r Reverse the sorting order. -s Accounting information is summarized on the summary accounting file; this summarization is necessary since on a busy system, the accounting file can grow by several lines per day. names Statistics are only printed for user(s) name; usually, statistics are printed for every user who has used any paper. OUTPUT FORMAT
pac formats the output into simple table, using four columns - number of feets or pages (column "pages/feet"), how many copies were made (column "runs"), total price for this print (column "price") and user login with host name (column "login" or "host name and login"). If argument name was not used and hence pac is printing information for all users, a summary line with print totals (runs, pages, price) is appended. Note that pac on other system might print the price as price per copy. FILES
/var/account/?acct raw accounting files /var/account/?_sum summary accounting files /etc/printcap printer capability data base SEE ALSO
printcap(5) HISTORY
The pac command appeared in 4.0BSD. BUGS
The relationship between the computed price and reality is as yet unknown. BSD
June 6, 1993 BSD

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