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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions Report on Javascript attacks on Unix Post 302541224 by afdesignz on Saturday 23rd of July 2011 04:25:32 AM
Old 07-23-2011
Report on Javascript attacks on Unix

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data:
Prepare a report discussing from an administration and security perspective, role and function of a JavaScript within a UNIX network. You should illustrate your answer with practical examples. In particular attention should me paid to the following points:

1. What type of attacks is it possible to implement using JavaScript?
2. The ability to secure a Web Client against JavaScript attacks.
3. Is it possible to use JavaScript as part of a Trojan horse attack?
4. Can JavaScript be used for Cross-Site scripting attacks?

Complete Name of School (University), City (State), Country, Name of Professor, and Course Number (Link to Course):
Bharathiyar University , Coimbatore

I'd be grateful if someone could help me with it.


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JavaScript::Minifier::XS(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			     JavaScript::Minifier::XS(3pm)

JavaScript::Minifier::XS - XS based JavaScript minifier SYNOPSIS
use JavaScript::Minifier::XS qw(minify); $minified = minify($js); DESCRIPTION
"JavaScript::Minifier::XS" is a JavaScript "minifier"; its designed to remove un-necessary whitespace and comments from JavaScript files, which also not breaking the JavaScript. "JavaScript::Minifier::XS" is similar in function to "JavaScript::Minifier", but is substantially faster as its written in XS and not just pure Perl. METHODS
minify($js) Minifies the given $js, returning the minified JavaScript back to the caller. HOW IT WORKS
"JavaScript::Minifier::XS" minifies the JavaScript by removing un-necessary whitespace from JavaScript documents. Comments (both block and line) are also removed, except when (a) they contain the word "copyright" in them, or (b) they're needed to implement "IE Conditional Compilation". Internally, the minification process is done by taking multiple passes through the JavaScript document: Pass 1: Tokenize First, we go through and parse the JavaScript document into a series of tokens internally. The tokenizing process does not check to make sure you've got syntactically valid JavaScript, it just breaks up the text into a stream of tokens suitable for processing by the subsequent stages. Pass 2: Collapse We then march through the token list and collapse certain tokens down to their smallest possible representation. If they're still included in the final results we only want to include them at their shortest. Whitespace Runs of multiple whitespace characters are reduced down to a single whitespace character. If the whitespace contains any "end of line" (EOL) characters, then the end result is the first EOL character encountered. Otherwise, the result is the first whitespace character in the run. Pass 3: Pruning We then go back through the token list and prune and remove un-necessary tokens. Whitespace Wherever possible, whitespace is removed; before+after comment blocks, and before+after various symbols/sigils. Comments Comments that are either (a) IE conditional compilation comments, or that (b) contain the word "copyright" in them are preserved. All other comments (line and block) are removed. Everything else We keep everything else; identifiers, quoted literal strings, symbols/sigils, etc. Pass 4: Re-assembly Lastly, we go back through the token list and re-assemble it all back into a single JavaScript string, which is then returned back to the caller. AUTHOR
Graham TerMarsch (cpan@howlingfrog.com) REPORTING BUGS
Please report bugs via RT (<http://rt.cpan.org/Dist/Display.html?Queue=JavaScript::Minifier::XS>), and be sure to include the JavaScript that you're having troubles minifying. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2007-2008, Graham TerMarsch. All Rights Reserved. This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same license as Perl itself. SEE ALSO
"JavaScript::Minifier". perl v5.14.2 2011-11-15 JavaScript::Minifier::XS(3pm)

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