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Old 07-13-2011
export DISPLAY=""

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services.window(4)					     Kernel Interfaces Manual						services.window(4)

services.window - file containing applications and their associated memory window ID DESCRIPTION
The file is used by applications using memory windows. Each line in the file associates an application with a memory window ID. A line in the file cannot start with a space or tab. The format is a unique name, defining the application, followed by a space/tab, followed by a unique window_id. See the sample file in Memory windows allows for the starting of a process in a unique or existing memory window where it can create and share objects with other applications in the same memory window. The creation of memory windows removes the system wide restriction on shared resources. Without memory windows, 32-bit processes were lim- ited to 1.75 gigabytes of shared resources. Each memory window allows for the definition of a unique 1 gigabyte quadrant and since multi- ple memory windows can be defined in a system, the system total for shared resources can exceed the 1.75 gigabyte limitation for 32 bit processes. The definition of a memory window is only available for 32-bit processes. The file provides a central place for memory window applications to associate their memory window IDs. In the event there are any colli- sions, only a change in is necessary to select another memory window for the entire application. If is not used, and user applications hard code window IDs in their startup scripts, collisions are not easily detected or easily fixed. A memory window application uses the command getmemwindow(1M) to extract the application's window_id from the file, and then passes that ID to the setmemwindow(1M). Using the same window ID places applications in the same memory window. EXAMPLES
Below is a example of a file. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. FILES
File containing applications' associated window ID. SEE ALSO
getmemwindow(1M), setmemwindow(1M). on services.window(4)

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