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ls -lrt | nawk -v D="$(date +'%b%e:'| sed 's/ //g')" 'D==$6$7":"{sub(".*"$9,$9);print}' | while read FILENAME
        do cp "$FILENAME" /path/to/dest/

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If you could explain what you were accomplishing with nawk, there may be a better way to do this with find.
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BRANDY(1)						      BBC BASIC V interpreter							 BRANDY(1)

brandy - a portable BBC BASIC V interpreter SYNOPSIS
brandy [-help] [-size SIZE] [-lib FILENAME] [-load FILENAME] [-path DIRECTORY[,DIRECTORY]...] [-quit FILENAME] [-chain FILENAME] [-ignore] [FILENAME] DESCRIPTION
Brandy is an interpreter for BBC BASIC V, the dialect of BASIC that Acorn Computers supplied with their ranges of desktop computers that use the ARM processor such as the Archimedes and Risc PC, and is still in use on these and compatibles. BASIC V is a much extended version of BBC BASIC. This was the BASIC used on the 6502-based BBC Micro that Acorn made during the 1980s. OPTIONS
-help Print a summary of these options. -size SIZE Set the size of the Basic workspace to SIZE bytes when starting the interpreter. The minimum size allowed is 10000 bytes and any- thing below this value will be set to it. The maximum size is limited only by the environment in which the program is being run. The size may have a suffix of k to denote that the size is in kilobytes or m if it is in megabytes. For example, -size 100k will set the workspace size to 100 kilobytes (102400 bytes) and -size 8m will set it to eight megabytes (8388608 bytes). -lib FILENAME Load Basic library FILENAME when the interpreter starts. This option can be repeated as many times as required to load a number of libraries. This is equivalent to typing INSTALL "FILENAME" at the interpreter's command line. The libraries are loaded in the order given on the command line. Note that the search order is the reverse of this. -load FILENAME Load Basic program FILENAME when the interpreter starts. -path DIRECTORY[,DIRECTORY]... This specifies a list of directories that the interpreter will search when looking for libraries and programs. The directory names are separated by commas. The pseudo-variable FILEPATH$ is set to this value. -quit FILENAME Load and run the Basic program FILENAME. Leave the interpreter when the program has finished running. -chain FILENAME Load and run the Basic program FILENAME. Remain in the interpreter when the program has finished running. -graphics Start the interpreter with the screen in graphics mode in versions of the program which support graphics and the screen can be in either text or graphics modes. -ignore Ignore certain `unsupported feature' errors. By default the interpreter reports an error whenever it comes across a BASIC V feature that it does not support. This option allows some unsupported features that do not affect the basic running of the program to be ignored. FILENAME This is exactly equivalent to -chain. The case of the names of the options is ignored. It depends on the operating system under which the interpreter is running as to whether the names of files are case sensitive or insensitive. FILES
brandy executable /usr/share/doc/brandy/examples example BASIC programs SEE ALSO
/usr/share/doc/brandy full documentation Brandy's home page There is some very useful documentation for the BBC Micro available on the Internet. One very good site is The BBC Lives! at: or see AUTHOR
David Daniels, with contributions from Darren Salt and Colin Tuckley REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to the bug tracker at COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2000, 2001 David Daniels. Copyright (c) 2009, 2012 Colin Tuckley. This is free software; see the source for copying condi- tions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. brandy 1.20pre5 10 Jun 2012 BRANDY(1)

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