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In a compact way...

cat <input_file> | paste -d, - - - - | sed 's,^,echo \",g;s,\,,\" | mail -s \"Record Details \" ,3' | sh
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make un shell script to send email

Hi, Someone Knows how to obtein a chain from a unix file, but not all the line, for exemple, for this file ,obtein only 902111111 and to keep the value, this value will be used to make a mailx. NF=ALL, SUBJ= FROM: SN=CD, SE=TOPCALL, NA=, N=902111111, N=TCLFI TO: SE=FAX, NA=, C1=... (0 Replies)
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How to send email once a day at certain time in unix shell script

hi, i have to send an email once a day at ceratin time say 22. i have tried with date commad, but not working.:( HOUROFTHEDAY=`date +'%H'` if ; then mailx -s "Info" < $ProcessStatisticsFile fi Please help me... (5 Replies)
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This is my below script which is working fine as it send only plain text email. So My question is- How can I modify my below script to send this as an HTML formatted email? I want to show the text color of this expression `(echo "100*$TEST2/$TEST1" | bc -l)` as `RED` in an email and that can be... (3 Replies)
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compact(1)						      General Commands Manual							compact(1)

       compact, uncompact, ccat - compress and uncompress files, and cat them

       compact [name...]
       uncompact [name...]
       ccat [file...]

       The  command compresses the named files using an adaptive Huffman code.	If no file names are given, the standard input is compacted to the
       standard output.  The command operates as an on-line algorithm.	Each time a byte is read, it is encoded immediately according to the  cur-
       rent  prefix  code.   This code is an optimal Huffman code for the set of frequencies seen so far.  It is unnecessary to prepend a decoding
       tree to the compressed file since the encoder and the decoder start in the same state and stay synchronized.  Furthermore, and can  operate
       as filters.  In particular,
	    ... | compact | uncompact | ...
       operates as a (very slow) no-op.

       When  an  argument file is given, it is compacted and the resulting file is placed in file.C; file is unlinked.	The first two bytes of the
       compacted file code the fact that the file is compacted.  This code is used to prohibit recompaction.

       The amount of compression to be expected depends on the type of file being compressed.  Typical values of compression are: Text (38%), Pas-
       cal Source (43%), C Source (36%) and Binary (19%).  These values are the percentages of file bytes reduced.

       The command restores the original file from a file compressed by If no file names are given, the standard input is uncompacted to the stan-
       dard output.

       The command cats the original file from a file compressed by without uncompressing the file.

       The command is present only for compatibility.  In general, the command runs faster and gives better compression.

       The last segment of the file name must contain fewer than thirteen characters to allow space for the appended '.C'.

       compacted file created by compact, removed by uncompact

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