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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Display Specific line number using tail command Post 302530174 by posix on Monday 13th of June 2011 07:32:47 AM
If you want to view the lines as per the numbers from 10th line to 15th line use
tail +10 your_file.txt | head -5

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HI i have to copy the last 5000 lines form a log file and copy the same in the same file .overwriting the same log file. ex: tail -5000 testfile1 > testfile2 cat testfile2 mv tesftfile2 testfile1 will produce the correct result.but i want to have this done in one line???? (4 Replies)
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using sed to replace a specific string on a specific line number using variables

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How to use command tail -f & show line number.

Hello Guys, I have created function which is as follow: tail -f filename |grep "Key word" output from this command 19-11-2011 21:09:15,234 - INFO Numbement - error number:result = :11 19-11-2011 21:09:15,286 - INFO Numbement - error number:result = :11 19-11-2011 21:09:15,523 - INFO... (5 Replies)
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Cut from specific line number to a line number

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sed command to replace a line at a specific line number with some other line

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Quick UNIX command to display specific lines in the middle of a file from/to specific word

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How to display certain line of file only using head or tail in 1 command?

First month learning about the Linux terminal and it has been a challenge yet fun so far. We're learning by using a gameshell. I'm trying to display a certain line ( only allowed 1 command ) from a file only using the head or tail. I'm pretty about this answer: head -23 history.txt | tail -1... (1 Reply)
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How do we display specific row of an output from bottom given line number?

I pass a number to my script. Passing "1" below. ./ 1 echo "User entered: $1" ls -ltr *.conf | sed -n '$p' I wish to use ls -ltr i.e list files in ascending order of time the latest showing at the bottom of the output. Number 1 should get me the last row of ls -ltr output i.e... (9 Replies)
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LOGTOP(1)						      General Commands Manual							 LOGTOP(1)

logtop - Realtime log line rate analyser SYNOPSIS
logtop is a System Administrator tool analyzing line rate on stdin. It reads on stdin and print a constantly updated result displaying, in columns: Line number, count, frequency, and the actual line. $ tail -f FILE | logtop is the friendly version of: $ watch 'tail FILE | sort | uniq -c | sort -gr' OPTIONS
-s, --size=K Only keep K lines in memory, instead of 10000. -q, --quiet Do not display a live view of the data, only display a top at exit. -l, --line-by-line=K Print result line by line, in a machine friendly format, K is the number of result to print per line. Line by line format is : [%d %f %s ]* %d : Number of occurences %f : Frequency of apparition %s : String (Control chars replaced by dots. -i, --interval=K Interval between graphical updates, in seconds. Defaults to 1. -h, --help Show summary of options. -v, --version Show version of program. EXAMPLES
Here are some logtop usage examples. tail -f cache.log | grep -o "HIT|MISS" | logtop Realtime hit / miss ratio on some caching software log file. tail -f access.log | cut -d' ' -f1 | logtop -s 10000 Realtime most querying IPs on your server, as long as log lines in access.log starts with the client IP. tail -f access.log | cut -d' ' -f7 | logtop -s 10000 Realtime most requested web pages in a NCSA like log file. cat auth.log | grep -v "CRON" | grep -o ": .*" | logtop -q -s 100000 Display a one-shot simple analyse of your auth.log. SEE ALSO
watch(1) AUTHOR
logtop was written by Julien Palard. This manual page was written by Julien Palard <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). April 16, 2011 LOGTOP(1)

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