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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers extracting sentences that only contain a word Post 302527955 by jamestan on Monday 6th of June 2011 06:22:57 AM
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extracting sentences that only contain a word

Hi guys

Need your help how do I extract sentences with only a word


today is hot





Sample output



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dadadodo(1)						      General Commands Manual						       dadadodo(1)

dadadodo - exterminate all rational thought SYNOPSIS
dadadodo [ options ] [ input-files ] DESCRIPTION
dadadodo is a program that analyses texts for Markov chains of word probabilities and then generates random sentences based on those proba- bilities. Sometimes these sentences are nonsense, but sometimes they cut right through to the heart of the matter and reveal hidden mean- ings. OPTIONS
dadadodo accepts the following options: -c, -count n Generate n sentences. -h, -help Show summary of options and exit. -html Output HTML instead of plain text. -l, -load file Load compiled data from file ('-' for standard input). -o, -output file Save compiled data in file ('-' for standard output). -p, -pause s Delay s seconds between paragraphs. -w, -columns columns Format output for a device columns character cells in width. If not specified, the value of the environment variable COLUMNS is used to determine the width. If that variable is not defined, a width of 72 is assumed. NOTES
Non-option arguments are input files. These should be text files, but may be mail folders or HTML. MIME messages are handled sensibly. When no output file is specified, sentences will be generated from the input data directly. However, loading a saved file is far faster than re-parsing the text files each time. ENVIRONMENT
COLUMNS Determines the width (in character cells) of the output if the -w, -columns option is not used. If not set, a width of 72 is assumed. SEE ALSO
dadadodo's upstream website is AUTHOR
dadadodo was written by Jamie Zawinski. This manual page was written by Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <>, based on the program's usage message. dadadodo(1)

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