"Help finding a Unix friendly RAID 1 backup"

Post #302522979 by c.wakeman on Tuesday 17th of May 2011 11:51:59 AM


I wanted to start by thanking you for all your help; I should have posted this sooner but, the backup worked and there doesn't seem to have been any ill effects.

I have not had time to explore a more permanent, robust solution due to work constraints but for the time being, people are happy with the backup. However, it is time to backup the server again using the same HD and since you were so helpful last time, I hoped you could provide some tips again.

Basically, how do I go about backing up the server so that only the files that have been added or altered since the last backup are transferred? I imagine this is preferable so the whole backup doesn't take 6+ hours. I know we have discussed this previously, but I couldn't find a definitive answer in your previous posts. Let me know if you need more details.

Again, thank you for your help.

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xfs_freeze(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     xfs_freeze(8)

xfs_freeze - suspend access to an XFS filesystem SYNOPSIS
xfs_freeze -f | -u mount-point DESCRIPTION
xfs_freeze suspends and resumes access to an XFS filesystem (see xfs(5)). xfs_freeze halts new access to the filesystem and creates a stable image on disk. xfs_freeze is intended to be used with volume managers and hardware RAID devices that support the creation of snapshots. The mount-point argument is the pathname of the directory where the filesystem is mounted. The filesystem must be mounted to be frozen (see mount(8)). The -f flag requests the specified XFS filesystem to be frozen from new modifications. When this is selected, all ongoing transactions in the filesystem are allowed to complete, new write system calls are halted, other calls which modify the filesystem are halted, and all dirty data, metadata, and log information are written to disk. Any process attempting to write to the frozen filesystem will block waiting for the filesystem to be unfrozen. Note that even after freezing, the on-disk filesystem can contain information on files that are still in the process of unlinking. These files will not be unlinked until the filesystem is unfrozen or a clean mount of the snapshot is complete. The -u flag is used to un-freeze the filesystem and allow operations to continue. Any filesystem modifications that were blocked by the freeze are unblocked and allowed to complete. One of -f or -u must be supplied to xfs_freeze. NOTES
A copy of a frozen XFS filesystem will usually have the same universally unique identifier (UUID) as the original, and thus may be pre- vented from being mounted. The XFS nouuid mount option can be used to circumvent this issue. In Linux kernel version 2.6.29, the interface which XFS uses to freeze and unfreeze was elevated to the VFS, so that this tool can now be used on many other Linux filesystems. SEE ALSO
xfs(5), lvm(8), mount(8). xfs_freeze(8)

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