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Full Discussion: AWK formatting help.
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting AWK formatting help. Post 302516263 by kevintse on Friday 22nd of April 2011 09:50:40 AM
Old 04-22-2011
awk '$1 in a{a[$1]=a[$1] FS $2; next} {a[$1]=$2} END{for(e in a) print e, a[e]}' infile


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sb2-logz(1)							 sb2-logz man page						       sb2-logz(1)

sb2-logz - sb2 log postprocessing tool SYNOPSIS
sb2-logz [options] < logfile DESCRIPTION
sb2-logz reads logs created by scratchbox2 and writes summaries (the log files can be really huge, and manually digging out information from them might be a time-consuming task). Logs are produced when sb2 is executed with -d (debug) or -L options (e.g. "-L info") OPTIONS
-b no blacklist: do not ignore log lines from functions like __xstat() (there is a built-in blacklist, which tries to minimize "noise" caused by various libraries and scratchbox2 itself) -B fn1,fn2,.. blacklist funcions fn1,fn2,..: ignore lines generated by the listed library calls. -d level debug mode, for debugging the script itself. -h show help text. -i print details about 'disabled' pathnames (unmodifed paths, because mapping was momentarily disabled) -l print long details (affects output of -i,-m,-r,-p etc) -m print details about mapped pathnames (src->dest) -N print all 'notice' messages -p print details about passed pathnames ('passed path' = not mapped) -r print reversed mappings (dest->src) -s print process statistics -v verbose mode, prints dots while reading input etc. -P file.dot write process diagram to file.dot (postprocess it with 'dot', e.g. 'dot -Tpdf file.dot >file.pdf' -E file.dot write execution diagram to file.dot (postprocess it with 'dot', e.g. 'dot -Tpdf file.dot >file.pdf' -A acct-file Read process accounting information from acct-file (enhances output of -P and -E)' BUGS
Option -A requires an accounting log, which has to be activated separately. Generation of accounting information typically requires super- user privileges (or CAP_SYS_PACCT capability on Linux). This is an system-level restriction, and not fault of scratchbox2. However, sb2-logz has some limitations: Correlating information from the accounting log is based on process ids, and the heuristics may fail if there were really many processes; The -P, -E and -A options may be less useful for longer runs. Best results are achieved if process accounting is switched on just before the scratchbox2 session is created, and switched off afterwards - and there is nothing else running on the host at the same time. SEE ALSO
sb2(1), sb2-config(1), sb2-init(1), acct(2), dot(1) ( dot belongs to the graphviz package) AUTHOR
Lauri Aarnio 2.2 17 December 2010 sb2-logz(1)

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