Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Help with grep inside an if loop Post 302512549 by daf189 on Sunday 10th of April 2011 10:02:25 PM
still not working

Thanks for the help! I made some changes, but I am still having problems. Now I am getting thrown the following:

./ line 35: syntax error near unexpected token `done'
./ line 35: ` done '

Any help is appreciated!

The current code I am using:

for var in bent bound bled bred brought built burned burnt bought caught clung crept dealt dug dived dreamed dreamt fed felt fought found fled flung ground hung heard held kept knelt laid led leaped leapt learned learnt left lent lighted lost made meant met misspelled misspelt mowed mown paid pled proved proven sawed sawn said sought sold sent sewed sewn shaved shaven shone shoed shod shot showed sat slept slid slung sowed sown sped spent silted spilt spun sprung stood stuck stung struck strung swept swelled swollen swung taught told thought thrived understood upheld waved woven wept wound won withheld withstood wrung 
	cd ~
	cd Documents/UPenn/'Senior Year'/'Spring 2011'/Thesis/Results/
	echo "$var"
	cat foradam.txt | while IFS=$'\t' read -r word pos other; do
		if [ # = "$word" ] || [ Number = "$word" ] || [ CHI = "$word" ]; then
			NUMLINE=`expr $NUMLINE + 1`
			echo "error 1"
			echo "$word"
			echo "$NUMLINE"
		if [ "$var" = "$word" ] && [ VVN = "$pos" ]; then 
			sed -i '$NUMLINE' d Brown_Adam_CIVForms.txt
			echo "error 4"
			echo "$word"
			echo "$NUMLINE"
			echo "nothing on this line"
			echo "$word"
			echo "$NUMLINE"

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MSSQL_FIELD_SEEK(3)													       MSSQL_FIELD_SEEK(3)

mssql_field_seek - Seeks to the specified field offset

bool mssql_field_seek (resource $result, int $field_offset) DESCRIPTION
Seeks to the specified field offset. If the next call to mssql_fetch_field(3) won't include a field offset, this field would be returned. PARAMETERS
o $result - The result resource that is being evaluated. This result comes from a call to mssql_query(3). o $field_offset - The field offset, starts at 0. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Using mssql_field_seek(3) on the example for mssql_fetch_field(3) <?php // Connect to MSSQL and select the database mssql_connect('MANGOSQLEXPRESS', 'sa', 'phpfi'); mssql_select_db('php'); // Send a select query to MSSQL $query = mssql_query('SELECT * FROM [php].[dbo].[persons]'); // Construct table echo '<h3>Table structure for 'persons'</h3>'; echo '<table border="1">'; // Table header echo '<thead>'; echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>Field name</td>'; echo '<td>Data type</td>'; echo '<td>Max length</td>'; echo '</tr>'; echo '</thead>'; // Dump all fields echo '<tbody>'; for ($i = 0; $i < mssql_num_fields($query); ++$i) { // Fetch the field information, notice the // field_offset parameter is not set. See // the mssql_field_seek call below $field = mssql_fetch_field($query); // Print the row echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>' . $field->name . '</td>'; echo '<td>' . strtoupper($field->type) . '</td>'; echo '<td>' . $field->max_length . '</td>'; echo '</tr>'; // Move the internal seek pointer to the next // row in the result set mssql_field_seek($query, $i + 1); } echo '</tbody>'; echo '</table>'; // Free the query result mssql_free_result($query); ?> SEE ALSO
mssql_fetch_field(3). PHP Documentation Group MSSQL_FIELD_SEEK(3)

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