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Operating Systems Solaris ACL Post 302506732 by fpmurphy on Monday 21st of March 2011 08:11:07 PM
Old 03-21-2011
Which filesystem is the directory or file on? UFS or ZFS? I ask because the command and the syntax is completely different for ZFS.

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VOP_ACLCHECK(9) 					   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					   VOP_ACLCHECK(9)

VOP_ACLCHECK -- check an access control list for a vnode SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/vnode.h> #include <sys/acl.h> int VOP_ACLCHECK(struct vnode *vp, acl_type_t type, struct acl *aclp, struct ucred *cred, struct thread *td); DESCRIPTION
This vnode call may be used to determine the validity of a particular access control list (ACL) for a particular file or directory. Its arguments are: vp The vnode of the file or directory. type The type of ACL to check. aclp A pointer to an ACL structure from which to retrieve the ACL data. cred The user credentials to use in authorizing the request. td The thread checking the ACL. The cred pointer may be NULL to indicate that access control checks are not to be performed, if possible. This cred setting might be used to allow the kernel to authorize ACL verification that the active process might not be permitted to do. The vnode ACL interface defines the syntax, and not semantics, of file and directory ACL interfaces. More information about ACL management in kernel may be found in acl(9). LOCKS
No locks are required to call this vnode method, and any locks held on entry will be held on exit. RETURN VALUES
If the aclp pointer points to a valid ACL of type type for the object vp, then zero is returned. Otherwise, an appropriate error code is returned. ERRORS
[EINVAL] The ACL type passed is invalid for this vnode, or the ACL data is invalid. [EACCES] The file or directory ACL does not permit access. [ENOMEM] Sufficient memory is not available to fulfill the request. [EOPNOTSUPP] The file system does not support VOP_ACLCHECK(). SEE ALSO
acl(9), vnode(9), VOP_GETACL(9), VOP_SETACL(9) AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Robert Watson. BSD
December 23, 1999 BSD

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