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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script template for inputting filenames and print results Post 302499425 by loky27 on Thursday 24th of February 2011 11:05:40 AM
Script template for inputting filenames and print results


Hope you are all well. New to scripting, and all those characters are all a new language for me. Though hoping to get my little head round it all sooner or later.

I was wondering whether anyone could help with a script template example.

What I would like to happen is to run the script and for it to respond with whatever file I would like the script to check and then perform an md5sum check on it and then print out the results.

The thing is, that all hosts are on the same LAN but requires ssh into it.

Would appreciate any help given so I can start to get my head round this scripting marlakey.

Thanks in advance.

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Oh and it's Linux RH5 if that helps :-)
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Jifty::Script::Po(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    Jifty::Script::Po(3pm)

       Returns a hash of all the options this script takes. (See the usage message for details)

       Runs the "update_catalogs" method.

   _check_mime_type FILENAME
       This routine returns a mimetype for the file "FILENAME".

       Extracts localizable messages from all files in your application, finds all your message catalogs and updates them with new and changed

   update_catalog FILENAME
       Reads "FILENAME", a message catalog and integrates new or changed translations.

       Find all translatable messages in your application, using Locale::Maketext::Extract.

       Prints out help for the package using pod2usage.

       If the user specified --help, prints a brief usage message

       If the user specified --man, prints out a manpage

       Returns the name of the po template.

Jifty::Script::Po - Extract translatable strings from your application SYNOPSIS
jifty po --language <lang> Creates a <lang>.po file for translation jifty po Updates all existing po files Options: --language Language to deal with --dir Additional directories to extract from --js Generate json files from the current po files --help brief help message --man full documentation OPTIONS
--language This script an option, "--language", which is optional; it is the name of a message catalog to create. --dir Specify explicit directories to extract from. Can be used multiple times. The default directories will not be extracted if you use this option. --template_name Specify the name of the po template. Default to the lower-cased application name. --podir Specify the directory of the po templates. --js If "--js" is given, other options are ignored and the script will generate json files for each language under share/web/static/js/dict from the current po files. Before doing so, you might want to run "jifty po" with "--dir share/web/static/js" to include messages from javascript in your po files. --help Print a brief help message and exits. --man Prints the manual page and exits. DESCRIPTION
Extracts message catalogs for your Jifty app. When run, Jifty will update all existing message catalogs, as well as create a new one if you specify a --language option. perl v5.14.2 2010-12-08 Jifty::Script::Po(3pm)

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