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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers newbie question Post 302497078 by bartus11 on Wednesday 16th of February 2011 09:10:59 AM
Old 02-16-2011
That find command is not necessary:
grep "string i am looking for" file1.txt >> textfile3.txt

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newbie question

hi im thinking of getting unix but i have no idea where to start I know that its an OS similar to linux but what hardware does in run on? i've heard of solaris but im not quit sure what it is thankxs (3 Replies)
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I am fairly new to *nix/linux and I have just installed SuSe 8.2. I am wondering what skills would be good to learn. I know that I will need to learn how to write scripts, but what scripting languages should I learn. I greatly appreciate any and all comments. ... (5 Replies)
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Newbie Question

Hi, I have a file, that is delimited by :: and the purpose of this file is none of your business. ;) There are about 65000 lines in this file, and there are lines that I would like to remove. About 45000 of them. Is there some sort of commands that I can run, to remove word(s) from this... (4 Replies)
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Newbie question

Hello, I have text file while looks this test1 test2 test3 test4 test5 test6 and if I want to parse it and make new file which would like this test1 test2 test3 test4 test5 test6 How can I do this in korn shell script Thanks (9 Replies)
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Very new newbie question

sorry if im not asking inthe right spot but, how do you turn the beeping off every time you hit a key onthe keyboard. I tried the click -n but it told me it didnt recognize click any help would be greatly appreciated ( the beeping is not going over well in the surrounding cubicles) thank you... (4 Replies)
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I am taking a db classes toward oracle 10g. I am taking unix as well . I need to know what is the best option for os . should I use linux fedora. or get a sun box and start learning from there. Thanks (6 Replies)
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What is the best way to learn UNIX on the web, with out buying books? any link would be much help. Thank you in advance, L (1 Reply)
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Newbie question

Dear all, I have a question related to parallel programing and if you can give me some hints on how to deal with it, it would be really great. I would like to run a small application on a supercompter of 128 CPUs. Unfortunately, on this machine only jobs which require 32 CPUs are allowed to... (1 Reply)
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UNIX newbie NEWBIE question!

Hello everyone, Just started UNIX today! In our school we use solaris. I just want to know how do I setup Solaris 10 not the GUI one, the one where you have to type the commands like ECHO, ls, pwd, etc... I have windows xp and I also have vmware. I hope I am not missing anything! :p (4 Replies)
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perl newbie . &&..programming newbie (question 2)

Hello everyone, I am having to do a lot of perl scripting these days and I am learning a lot. I have this problem I want to move files from a folder and all its sub folders to one parent folder, they are all .gz files.. there is folder1\folder2\*.gz and there are about 50 folders... (1 Reply)
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tracker-search(1)						   User Commands						 tracker-search(1)

tracker-search - Search all content for keywords SYNOPSIS
tracker-search searches all indexed content for EXPRESSION. The resource in which EXPRESSION matches must exist (see --all for more infor- mation). All results are returned in ascending order. In all cases, if no EXPRESSION is given for an argument (like --folders for example) then ALL items in that category are returned instead. EXPRESSION One or more terms to search. The default operation is a logical AND. For logical OR operations, see -r. OPTIONS
-?, --help Give a short help message. -l, --limit=N Limit search to N results. The default is 512. -o, --offset=N Offset the search results by N. For example, start at item number 10 in the results. The default is 0. -r, --or-operator Use OR for search terms instead of AND (the default) -d, --detailed Show the unique URN associated with each search result. This does not apply to --music-albums and --music-artists. -a, --all Show results which might not be available. This might bebecause a removable media is not mounted for example. Without this option, resources are only shown if they exist. This option applies to all command line switches except --music-albums and --music-artists. -f, --files=EXPRESSION Search for files of any type matching EXPRESSION (optional). -e, --folders=EXPRESSION Search for folders matching EXPRESSION (optional). -m, --music=EXPRESSION Search for music files matching EXPRESSION (optional). --music-albums=ALBUM Search for music albums matching ALBUM (optional). --music-artists=ARTIST Search for music artists matching ARTIST (optional). -l, --images=EXPRESSION Search for images matching EXPRESSION (optional). -v, --videos=EXPRESSION Search for videos matching EXPRESSION (optional). -t, --documents=EXPRESSION Search for documents matching EXPRESSION (optional). -e, --emails=EXPRESSION Search for emails matching EXPRESSION (optional). Returns a list of subjects for emails found. -c, --contacts=EXPRESSION Search for contacts matching EXPRESSION (optional). Returns a list of names and email addresses found. -V, --version Print version. SEE ALSO
tracker-store(1), tracker-stats(1), tracker-tag(1), tracker-info(1). GNU
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