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Creating a daemon to run in background

I am trying to create a service to always run and monitor a script that has a tendency to hang, we could not find what is causing it to hang so are in the process of completely reprogramming just about everything, however, that will take upto 6 months.

So I need to create this to monitor the script to make sure it does not run wild which it does once in a while, sometimes only once per month, once per week or sometimes once per day or hour.

So here is what I am trying to do:

Get this code:
ps auxww | egrep [m]ember.cgi | awk '{print $2}' | while read PID; do kill -9 $PID; done;

to always be running in the background. I need the script to be allowed to run for at least 2 seconds before it would kill it, but i have no idea how to do that... Here is what I have so far and it does not work at all...



while [$i -le 12]
ps auxww | egrep [m]ember.cgi | awk '{print $2}' | while read PID; do kill -9 $PID; done;
sleep 5


however, when I try to execute it, I get this error:
: command not foundh: line 3:
: command not foundh: line 5: line 15: syntax error: unexpected end of file

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide, even if you can just point me in the correct direction. I am a novice in shell programming, I do not know much at all about it. I am a perl programmer and wrote a perl script to do it, however, when I keep it running, it holds the memory and cpu usage while sleeping, so the server load does not go down below .40 which if I don't have any of the scripts running wild and no perl script running to monitor it the server load gets down to like .10

Thank you much,

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Plack::Handler::CGI(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  Plack::Handler::CGI(3pm)

Plack::Handler::CGI - CGI handler for Plack SYNOPSIS
Want to run PSGI application as a CGI script? Rename .psgi to .cgi and change the shebang line like: #!/usr/bin/env plackup # rest of the file can be the same as other .psgi file You can alternatively create a .cgi file that contains something like: #!/usr/bin/perl use Plack::Loader; my $app = Plack::Util::load_psgi("/path/to/app.psgi"); Plack::Loader->auto->run($app); This will auto-recognize the CGI environment variable to load this class. If you really want to explicitly load the CGI handler, you can. For instance you might do this when you want to embed a PSGI application server built into CGI-compatible perl-based web server: use Plack::Handler::CGI; Plack::Handler::CGI->new->run($app); DESCRIPTION
This is a handler module to run any PSGI application as a CGI script. UTILITY METHODS
setup_env() my $env = Plack::Handler::CGI->setup_env(); my $env = Plack::Handler::CGI->setup_env(\%override_env); Sets up the PSGI environment hash for a CGI request from %ENV> and returns it. You can can provide a hashref of key/value pairs to override the defaults if you would like. SEE ALSO
Plack perl v5.14.2 2011-06-22 Plack::Handler::CGI(3pm)

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