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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to swap order of pairs of lines? Post 302488264 by Scrutinizer on Sunday 16th of January 2011 11:39:30 AM
It seems to matters on the last line. Without the if statement I get:

If there is an odd number of lines..
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How to grep lines in the particular order?

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Order file by lines

My script(3 arguments $1 = folder,$2 extension,$3 string) should do the following things: -Enter in the folder of $1(if exists). -Put ls *.$2 > temp.txt ( I use a temp file to store the result of ls command and if $2 = txt in this file I'll have all the .txt files of the folder) -Now I want to... (2 Replies)
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concatenate lines in pairs

Hi, I have a text file with the following contents /C=IT/O=INFN/OU=Personal Certificate/L=Napoli/CN=Some guy /C=IT/O=INFN/CN=INFN CA /O=Grid/O=NorduGrid/ guy /O=Grid/O=NorduGrid/CN=NorduGrid Certification Authority /C=TW/O=AP/OU=GRID/CN=Someone else... (5 Replies)
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Swap lines using sed

Hi, I have to swap two consecutive line using sed in a file. My text to swap is available in the file #Create & map a common work library if (!(-e "../work")) { system ("vlib work ../work"); system ("vmap work ../work"); } system ("vsimsa -do"); In this i... (6 Replies)
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BASH: Swap first two lines in sets of 4

Hi. I may have mentioned in the OP to this thread that the AHK macro script I was trying to sort was, relative to its full length, only partly in the right format to be sorted by the methods discussed in that thread. Now I'm looking to tackle the rest of the data in that AHK script. ... (2 Replies)
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sed swap lines

Hi, I think it is possible with sed, but I'm not sure... I've a file that contains some text and filenames: gtk-media-pause | CB60471-05 - Gilbert, Brantley - Country Must Be Country | 8175 | /home/floris/Muziek/Karaoke/1341838939/CB60471-05 - Gilbert, Brantley - Country Must Be... (2 Replies)
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Parse (delimited string) key-value pairs in a column into separate lines

Hi experts, e.g. i/p data looks like 0000xm7zcNDIkP888vRqGv93xA7:176n00qql||9700005405552747,9700005405717924,9700005405733788|unidentified,unidentified,unidentified|| o/p data should like - row1: 0000xm7zcNDIkP888vRqGv93xA7:176n00qql||9700005405552747|unidentified ... (1 Reply)
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File w/ many line pairs--how do I order based on 1st lines only?

I have a file in which the data is stored in pairs of lines. The first line (beginining with ">") is a header, the second line is a sequence. I would like to sort the file by species name. Desired output for the example file: I can use sort -t'_' -k2 to alphabetize headers in the... (1 Reply)
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Remove lines with duplicate pairs where AB is equal to BA

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IRSEND(1)								FSF								 IRSEND(1)

irsend - basic LIRC program to send infra-red commands SYNOPSIS
Asks the lircd daemon to send one or more CIR (Consumer Infra-Red) commands. This is intended for remote control of electronic devices such as TV boxes, HiFi sets, etc. DIRECTIVE can be: SEND_ONCE - send CODE [CODE ...] once SEND_START - start repeating CODE SEND_STOP - stop repeating CODE LIST - list configured remote items SET_TRANSMITTERS - set transmitters NUM [NUM ...] SIMULATE - simulate IR event REMOTE is the name of a remote, as described in the lircd configuration file. CODE is the name of a remote control key of REMOTE, as it appears in the lircd configuration file. NUM is the transmitter number of the hardware device. For the LIST DIRECTIVE, REMOTE and/or CODE can be empty: LIST "" "" - list all configured remote names LIST REMOTE "" - list all codes of REMOTE LIST REMOTE CODE - list only CODE of REMOTE The SIMULATE command only works if it has been explicitly enabled in lircd. -h --help display usage summary -v --version display version -d --device use given lircd socket [/var/run/lirc/lircd] -a --address=host[:port] connect to lircd at this address -# --count=n send command n times EXAMPLES
irsend LIST DenonTuner "" irsend SEND_ONCE DenonTuner PROG-SCAN irsend SEND_ONCE OnkyoAmpli VOL-UP VOL-UP VOL-UP VOL-UP irsend SEND_START OnkyoAmpli VOL-DOWN ; sleep 3 irsend SEND_STOP OnkyoAmpli VOL-DOWN irsend SET_TRANSMITTERS 1 irsend SET_TRANSMITTERS 1 3 4 irsend SIMULATE "0000000000000476 00 OK TECHNISAT_ST3004S" FILES
/etc/lirc/lircd.conf Default lircd configuration file. It should contain all the remotes, their infra-red codes and the corresponding timing and wave- form details. DIAGNOSTICS
If lircd is not running (or /var/run/lirc/lircd lacks write permissions) irsend aborts with the following diagnostics: "irsend: could not connect to socket" "irsend: Connection refused" (or "Permission denied"). SEE ALSO
The documentation for lirc is maintained as html pages. They are located under html/ in the documentation directory. lircd(8), mode2(1), smode2(1), xmode2(1), irrecord(1), irw(1), irsend 0.8.7pre1 May 2010 IRSEND(1)

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