"Multiply whole column with a value"

Post #302483741 by yale_work on Tuesday 28th of December 2010 10:11:55 AM

Multiply whole column with a value

I need to multiply 3rd column (comma seperated) of entire file by a value say 2.2.

Suppose the file is:
C,Gas $ YTD(TRI),15512.36,01/01/2010

New file should be (3rd column value multiplied by 2.2):
C,Gas $ YTD(TRI),34127.192,01/01/2010

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VM(1)								      mgetty								     VM(1)

vm - VoiceModem is the program for handling the voice modem functionality from shell scripts ACTIONS
beep options [<frequency [<length in 0.001sec>]]> diagnostics options device name (e.g. ttyS2 dial options phone number help play options [<file names]+> record options file name shell options [<shell script [shell options]]> wait options [<time in seconds]> devicetest OPTIONS
-c n use compression type n -d n set i/o device -t, -m, -i, -e, -s, -H equals to -d <2,3,4,5,6,7> -l s set device string (e.g. -l ttyS2:ttyC0) -v verbose output -w use off / on hook signal from local handset to start and stop recording -x n set debug level -L n set maximum recording length in sec -P print first DTMF tone on stdout and exit -R read and print DTMF string on stdout and exit -S s set default shell for shell scripts (e.g. -S /bin/sh) -T n set silence timeout in 0.1sec -V n set silence threshold to <n> (0-100%%) SEE ALSO
vgetty(1) POD ERRORS
Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around line 30: You forgot a '=back' before '=head1' Around line 32: '=item' outside of any '=over' Around line 71: You forgot a '=back' before '=head1' perl v5.10.1 2010-04-04 VM(1)

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