Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Compiling VIM, doesn't show menu and toolbar. Post 302483080 by mghis on Thursday 23rd of December 2010 01:44:07 PM
Compiling VIM, doesn't show menu and toolbar.

I'm trying to compile vim73 with the Motif Toolkit.
./configure --enable-gui=motif
./src/vim -g

Vim runs in a window, without the standard toolbar and
menu bar.

I tried to recompile with
./configure --enable-gui=gnome2

It compiled with GTK2 toolkit, but still no menubar, nor toolbar.

Can anyone help me? Thanks Smilie

PS: already checked guioptions.

Now works. Instead of download the source tree I just modified the PKGBUILD of gvim
in the Arch (linux) Building System.

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EVIM(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   EVIM(1)

evim - easy Vim, edit a file with Vim and setup for modeless editing SYNOPSIS
evim [options] [file ..] eview DESCRIPTION
eVim starts Vim and sets options to make it behave like a modeless editor. This is still Vim but used as a point-and-click editor. This feels a lot like using Notepad on MS-Windows. eVim will always run in the GUI, to enable the use of menus and toolbar. Only to be used for people who really can't work with Vim in the normal way. Editing will be much less efficient. eview is the same, but starts in read-only mode. It works just like evim -R. See vim(1) for details about Vim, options, etc. The 'insertmode' option is set to be able to type text directly. Mappings are setup to make Copy and Paste work with the MS-Windows keys. CTRL-X cuts text, CTRL-C copies text and CTRL-V pastes text. Use CTRL-Q to obtain the original meaning of CTRL-V. OPTIONS
See vim(1). FILES
/usr/local/lib/vim/evim.vim The script loaded to initialize eVim. AKA
Also Known As "Vim for gumbies". When using evim you are expected to take a handkerchief, make a knot in each corner and wear it on your head. SEE ALSO
vim(1) AUTHOR
Most of Vim was made by Bram Moolenaar, with a lot of help from others. See the Help/Credits menu. 2002 February 16 EVIM(1)

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