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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers How to find untagged audio files? Post 302483006 by radoulov on Thursday 23rd of December 2010 09:56:58 AM
Old 12-23-2010
To squeeze it a little more.. would something like this be possible?
I should confess that I have completely forgotten that in awk arrays are passed by reference when used as parameters Smilie
I was about to respond that you can do it in Perl, but not in awk.

Yes, you can:

find . -type f -name '*.[Mm][Pp]3' -exec id3 -Rl {} + -o \
               -name '*.[Ff][Ll][Aa][Cc]' -exec metaflac --show-md5sum \
                  --with-filename --export-tags-to=- {} + -o \
               -name '*.[Oo][Gg][Gg]' -exec sh -c 'echo "$0";vorbiscomment -lRe "$0"' {} \; |
  awk 'BEGIN {
    id3n        = split("album artist title track",          id3_tags)
    vorbisn     = split("album artist title tracknumber", vorbis_tags)
    vorbisfile  = "\\.([Ff][Ll][Aa][Cc]|[Oo][Gg][Gg])$"    
    ignorepatt  = "^ *(unknown|track *[0-9]*)* *$"    
  /^Filename/ || $1 ~ vorbisfile {
    if (fn)
      fn ~ vorbisfile ? check_tags(vorbisn, vorbis_tags) : check_tags(id3n, id3_tags)
    fn = /^Filename/ ? $2 : $1; f = x        
    if (split($0, tmp, "=") == 2) { $1 = tmp[1]; $2 = tmp[2] }
    tags[tolower($1)] = $2 
  END { fn ~ vorbisfile ? check_tags(vorbisn, vorbis_tags) : check_tags(id3n, id3_tags)  
      printf "\n"
  func check_tags(limit, tagarray,    f) {
   for (i = 1; i <= limit; i++) {
      if (tolower(tags[tagarray[i]]) ~ ignorepatt) {
        invalid_tags[tagarray[i]] = tags[tagarray[i]]; f || f++ 
    if (f) {
      printf "%s%s *** missing/invalid tags: ", RS, fn
        for (t in invalid_tags)
          printf "[%s=\"%s\"]", t, invalid_tags[t]
      printf " ***"  
    split(x, tags); split(x, invalid_tags)
    }' FS=:

To clear the output further, you could remove the empty spaces in the missing tags.

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bt-audio(1)							    bluez-tools 						       bt-audio(1)

bt-audio - a bluetooth generic audio manager SYNOPSIS
bt-audio [OPTION...] Help Options: -h, --help Application Options: -a, --adapter=<name|mac> -c, --connect=<name|mac> -d, --disconnect=<name|mac> DESCRIPTION
This utility is used to manage outgoing audio service connections. OPTIONS
-h, --help Show help -a, --adapter <name|mac> Specify adapter to use by his Name or MAC address (if this option does not defined - default adapter used) -c, --connect <name|mac> Connect all supported audio profiles on the device -d, --disconnect <name|mac> Disconnect all audio profiles on the device AUTHOR
Alexander Orlenko <zxteam@gmail.com>. SEE ALSO
bt-adapter(1) bt-agent(1) bt-device(1) bt-input(1) bt-monitor(1) bt-network(1) bt-serial(1) 2010-08-11 bt-audio(1)

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