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Perfect... All three works as expected.. Thank you all!
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My input file: data_5 Ali 422 2.00E-45 102/253 140/253 24 data_3 Abu 202 60.00E-45 12/23 140/23 28 data_1 Ahmad 256 7.00E-45 120/235 140/235 22 data_4 Aman 365 8.00E-45 15/65 140/65 20 data_10 Jones 869 9.00E-45 65/253 140/253 18... (12 Replies)
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To Extract words from File based on Position

Hi Guys, While I was writing one shell script , I just got struck at this point. I need to extract words from a file at some specified position and do some comparison operation and need to replace the extracted word with another word. Eg : I like Orange very much. I need to replace... (19 Replies)
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How to extract log data based on date

Hi Gurus, I've been having some problem in extracting the log data based on the current date and month. As shown in the sample data below, how to extract the log info for Aug 11? Sample data: root pts/ta userpc Wed Aug 11 09:46 - 20:21 (10:35) root pts/ta userpc... (13 Replies)
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Extract data based on specific search criteria

I have a huge file (about 2 millions records) contains data separated by “,” (comma). As part of the requirement, I can't change the format. The objective is to remove some of the records with the following condition. If the 23rd field on each line start with 302 , I need to remove that from the... (4 Replies)
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Cut multiple data based on character position

How to extract multiple data based on character position. I need to fetch from 7-9 and 22-26 and there is no delimiter for 22-26 since it is part of the column. The file may have more than 1000 character long.I managed to pull any one but not both for example test data 12345 zxc vbnmlk... (1 Reply)
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Input file: data_1 1000 1290 data_4 290 234 data_2 1114 1110 data_5 534 999 data_6 900 1050 . . Desired_output_file_1_0_999: data_4 290 234 data_5 534 999 Desired_output_file_2_1000_1999: data_1 1000 1290 data_2 1114 1110 (1 Reply)
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extract data in a csv file based on a certain field.

I have a csv file that I need to extract some data from depending on another field after reading info from another text file. The text file would say have 592560 in it. The csv file may have some data like so Field 1 Field2 Field3 Field4 Field5 Field6 20009756 1 ... (9 Replies)
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extract regions of file based on start and end position

Hi, I have a file1 of many long sequences, each preceded by a unique header line. file2 is 3-columns list: headers name, start position, end position. I'd like to extract the sequence region of file1 specified in file2. Based on a post elsewhere, I found the code: awk... (2 Replies)
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Search for a string at a particular position and replace with blank based on position

Hi, I have a file with multiple lines(fixed width dat file). I want to search for '02' in the positions 45-46 and if available, in that lines, I need to replace value in position 359 with blank. As I am new to unix, I am not able to figure out how to do this. Can you please help me to achieve... (9 Replies)
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XmTextFindStringWcs(library call)										 XmTextFindStringWcs(library call)

XmTextFindStringWcs -- A Text function that finds the beginning position of a wide character text string SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Text.h> Boolean XmTextFindStringWcs( Widget widget, XmTextPosition start, wchar_t *wcstring, XmTextDirection direction, XmTextPosition *position); DESCRIPTION
XmTextFindStringWcs locates the beginning position of a specified wide character text string. This routine searches forward or backward for the first occurrence of the string, starting from the given start position. If a match is found, the function returns the position of the first character of the string in position. If the match string begins at the current position, this routine returns the current position. widget Specifies the Text widget ID. start Specifies the character position from which the search proceeds. This is an integer number of characters from the beginning of the text buffer. The first character position is 0 (zero). wcstring Specifies the wide character search string. direction Indicates the search direction. It is relative to the primary direction of the text. The possible values are XmTEXT_FORWARD The search proceeds toward the end of the buffer. XmTEXT_BACKWARD The search proceeds toward the beginning of the buffer. position Specifies the pointer in which the first character position of the string match is returned. This is an integer number of char- acters from the beginning of the buffer. The first character position is 0 (zero). If the function returns False, this value is undefined. For a complete definition of Text and its associated resources, see XmText(3). RETURN
Returns True if a string match is found; otherwise, returns False. RELATED
XmText(3) and XmTextFindString(3). XmTextFindStringWcs(library call)

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