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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat interview questions..plz help Post 302469859 by abhigrkist on Monday 8th of November 2010 11:36:37 AM
Old 11-08-2010
interview questions..plz help

I have some doubts .plz help

if i try to ping from a server, it doesnt ping & gives different ip address, and in nslookup i get different ip address, what is the problem ?

if u cant ssh to a server what will be ur steps ?
give full iptables command to open port 22

different types of backup ?
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bubbros-server(6)						   Games Manual 						 bubbros-server(6)

bubbros-server - the bub-n-bros server. SYNOPSIS
bubbros-server [ level-file.bin ] [options] DESCRIPTION
bubbros-server starts an http server that acts as a control panel for the server. The server listens on port 8000 by default. The url for the control panel is http://server:port/0xN where 0xN is a random hex number (acts as minimal protection). This url is printed when the server starts. You can start and view games and kill the server from this panel. The control panel also allows you to type in the address of a server to connect to, the script will then open a client to that server. The http server also servers java applet clients for those players who wish to use one. When a game is started the script opens a port for the game server. This port can then be connected to by a client. Clients autodetect servers running on the local network with UDP ping on port 8056. Connection forming The client forms a tcp connection to the server. Or, when using the metaserver, the server forms a connection to the client. If this fails, the client and server try a simultaneous SYN connect. This sometimes works if the server and client are behind firewalls. The server then tries to transmit the data over udp. If it gets no response from the client it will fall back to the existing tcp connection. OPTIONS
-b N, --begin N, --start N Start at board (level) number N. The default is 1. See also the -s option. -h, --help Display help. -i, --infinite Restart the server at the end of the game. Normally the server quits after a certain period of inactivity. This is useful when used with the -m option to make a public server that is available for a long time. -l N, --lives N Limit number of lives to N. If this option is not specified the number of lives will be infinite. -m, --metaserver Register server with the Metaserver (currently) at This makes your server visible to everybody, and also facil- itates joining through a fascistic firewall. --port TYPE=N Sets default listening ports. If type is LISTEN , sets the game server port to N. The game server port is chosen randomly by default. If the type is HTTP , sets the http server port to N. The http server port defaults to 8000. Another port will be chosen if none was specified and 8000 is already in use. The server also listens to UDP ping on port 8056. -s N, --step N Increase board number with N when a board is completed. Defaults to 1. see also the -b option. OUTPUT
The server outputs helpful debug information concerning the http and game servers. SEE ALSO
bubbros(6) bubbros-client(6) December 7, 2007 bubbros-server(6)

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