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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Multiple file rename (change in filename in unix with single command Post 302469791 by pravin27 on Monday 8th of November 2010 06:51:21 AM
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try this,

ls PMC1*.arc | while read k; do cp $k `echo $k |sed 's/\(.*\)1_\(.*\).arc/\1_\2\.arc/g'` && rm $k; done

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XFillArc()																XFillArc()

  XFillArc - fill an arc.

  XFillArc(display, drawable, gc,  x, y, width, height, angle1, angle2)
	Display *display;
	Drawable drawable;
	GC gc;
	int x, y;
	unsigned int width, height;
	int angle1, angle2;

  display   Specifies a connection to an X server; returned from XOpenDisplay().

  drawable  Specifies the drawable.

  gc	    Specifies the graphics context.

  x	    Specify  the  x  and y coordinates of the upper-left corner of the bounding box containing the arc, relative to the origin of the
  y	    drawable.

  width     Specify the width and height in pixels.  These are the major and minor axes of the arc.
  angle1    Specifies the start of the arc relative to the three-o'clock position from the center.  Angles are specified in 64ths of degrees.

  angle2    Specifies the path and extent of the arc relative to the start of the arc.	Angles are specified in 64ths of degrees.

  XFillArc() draws a filled arc.  The x, y, width, and height arguments specify the bounding  box  for	the  arc.   See  XDrawArc()  for  the
  description  of  how this bounding box is used to compute the arc.  Some, but not all, of the pixels drawn with XDrawArc() will be drawn by
  XFillArc() with the same arguments.  See XFillRectangle() for an example of the differences in pixels drawn by the draw and fill routines.

  The arc forms one boundary of the area to be filled.	The other boundary is determined by the arc_mode in the GC.  If the arc_mode  in  the
  GC  is  ArcChord, the single line segment joining the endpoints of the arc is used.  If ArcPieSlice, the two line segments joining the end-
  points of the arc with the center point are used.

  XFillArc() uses these graphics context components:  function, plane_mask, fill_style, arc_mode, subwindow_mode, clip_x_origin,  clip_y_ori-
  gin,	and  clip_mask.   This	function  also uses these graphics context mode-dependent components:  foreground, background, tile, stipple,
  ts_x_origin,								 and								ts_y_

  For more information, see Volume One, Chapter 6, Drawing Graphics and Text, and Chapter 5, The Graphics Context.


See Also
  XClearArea(),  XClearWindow(),  XCopyArea(), XCopyPlane(), XDraw, XDrawArc(), XDrawArcs(), XDrawFilled(), XDrawLine(), XDrawLines(), XDraw-
  Point(), XDrawPoints(), XDrawRectangle(), XDrawRectangles(), XDrawSegments(), XFillArcs(), XFillPolygon(),  XFillRectangle(),  XFillRectan-

Xlib - Drawing Primitives														XFillArc()

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