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Operating Systems Linux Interesting challenge getting SSH from outside to my VMWare guest Post 302469114 by brightstorm on Thursday 4th of November 2010 07:22:17 PM
Old 11-04-2010
Interesting challenge getting SSH from outside to my VMWare guest


I'm working on getting more acquainted with VMWare and the SUSE SLES OS, so I've downloaded and created a guest running SLES 11 SP1. This works great, no problems. However, there's some funny-ness (is that a word?) when I'm attempting/testing to SSH from outside my local LAN into the guest.

Let my sum up my setup:

The VMWare server
- Is a Windows 7 with LAN-ip (static).
- The guest is running with a bridged configuration, not NAT.
- Windows Firewall has been disabled in an attempt to get some data in the SUSE firewall logs.

Another PC in my LAN
- Is also a Windows 7 with LAN-ip (also static).
- Connects just fine to the VMWare guest on (see next section).
- Has Windows Firewall running fine (also attempted to disable)

The SLES guest
- Is configured with LAN-ip (also static, obviously).
- SSH port has been changed from 22 -> 1337.
- The SUSE firewall allows SSH from to make it accessible from my LAN area (this is going to be narrowed down later, just to please the security minded people Smilie)
- The SUSE firewall DOES NOT allow SSH from outside the LAN, but should be allowed on a IP-by-IP basis.

External Linux Debian VPS
I have an external Linux Debian VPS solution. When I ssh to my WAN IP from this, and supplying port 1337, it just eventually times out, clearly indicating something's amiss somewhere in my configuration.

My ISP-provided router setup
- Portforwards port 1337 to

So, what I'm pondering about is what I can try to get the traffic actually arriving at my guest. I have read alot about running the guest in NAT configuration and then using the VMWare tools to portforward port X to the VMWare's assigned IP address.

I am not really very experienced in networking (which is why I'd really like to avoid a NAT solution until I get a hold of stuff), but I have the idea that if I without further ado can access my VMWare guest from my local LAN just by providing the statically assigned IP, I would figure that I'd get it off just by portforwarding the assigned SSH port directly to my guest's IP?

I hope that I have provided sufficient information but if not I shall happily provide additional details as necessary. I hope that you might be able to push me in the right direction
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VIRT-VIEWER(1)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					    VIRT-VIEWER(1)

virt-viewer - display the graphical console for a virtual machine SYNOPSIS
virt-viewer is a minimal tool for displaying the graphical console of a virtual machine. The console is accessed using the VNC or SPICE protocol. The guest can be referred to based on its name, ID, or UUID. If the guest is not already running, then the viewer can be told to wait until is starts before attempting to connect to the console The viewer can connect to remote hosts to lookup the console information and then also connect to the remote console using the same network transport. OPTIONS
The following options are accepted when running "virt-viewer": -h, --help Display command line help summary -V, --version Display program version number -v, --verbose Display information about the connection -c URI, --connect=URI Specify the hypervisor connection URI -w, --wait Wait for the domain to start up before attempting to connect to the console -r, --reconnect Automatically reconnect to the domain if it shuts down and restarts -z PCT, --zoom=PCT Zoom level of the display window in percentage. Range 10-200. -d, --direct Do not attempt to tunnel the console over SSH, even if the main connection URI used SSH. -a, --attach Use libvirt to directly attach to a local display, instead of making a TCP/UNIX socket connection. This avoids the need to authentication with the remote display, if authentication with libvirt is already allowed. This option does not work with remote displays. -f, --full-screen Start with the window maximised to fullscreen --debug Print debugging information EXAMPLES
To connect to the guest called 'demo' running under Xen virt-viewer demo To connect to the guest with ID 7 running under QEMU virt-viewer --connect qemu:///system 7 To wait for the guest with UUID 66ab33c0-6919-a3f7-e659-16c82d248521 to startup and then connect, also reconnecting upon restart of VM virt-viewer --reconnect --wait 66ab33c0-6919-a3f7-e659-16c82d248521 To connect to a remote console using TLS virt-viewer --connect xen:// demo To connect to a remote host using SSH, lookup the guest config and then make a direct non-tunnelled connection of the console virt-viewer --direct --connect xen+ssh:// demo AUTHOR
Written by Daniel P. Berrange, based on the GTK-VNC example program gvncviewer. BUGS
Report bugs to the mailing list "" COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Red Hat, Inc., and various contributors. This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License "". There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. SEE ALSO
virsh(1), "virt-manager(1)", the project website "" perl v5.14.2 2012-05-28 VIRT-VIEWER(1)

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