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Operating Systems Linux Android Any Android Developers in the Forums? Post 302461419 by Neo on Monday 11th of October 2010 06:36:47 AM
What apps are you going to develop? Is that something you can share?
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Interesting... for both the iPhone and Andriod phones, so far browsing forums using the Tapatalk apps is rare. Seems folks like the web (browser) format better. With new tablets coming out, I think this trend (browser on tablets v. special apps) will continue. I was surprised, however, that... (0 Replies)
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Android Scripting Environment: Shell Scripting and Android

I just upgraded to Android 2.2 from 2.1. The GPS issue that was troublesome in 2.1 seems to have been fixed. Some of web browsing seems faster, but it could just be my connection is better today ;) Flash works in some browsers but not very good and it is too slow for Flash apps designed for... (0 Replies)
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ABOOTIMG(1)						      General Commands Manual						       ABOOTIMG(1)

abootimg - manipulate Android Boot Images. DESCRIPTION
Tool to read/write/update android boot images SYNOPSIS
abootimg -i <bootimg> abootimg -x <bootimg> [<bootimg.cfg> [<kernel> [<ramdisk> [<secondstage>]]]] abootimg -u <bootimg> [-c "param=value"] [-f <bootimg.cfg>] [-k <kernel>] [-r <ramdisk>] [-s <secondstage>] abootimg --create <bootimg> [-c "param=value"] [-f <bootimg.cfg>] -k <kernel> -r <ramdisk> [-s <secondstage>] OPTIONS
-i print boot imgage informations -x Extract a boot image -u Update a boot image --create Create a boot image Options for extracting boot images bootimg Existing bootimage to use bootimg.cfg Name for the bootimg.cfg file, defaults to bootimg.cfg kernel Name for the kernel image, defaults to zImage ramdisk Name for the ramdisk image, defaults to initrd.img secondstage Name for the second-stage image, defaults to stage2.img Options for updating and creating boot images bootimg Existing bootimage to use -c param=value Existing bootimage to use -f <bootimg.cfg> Update bootimg.cfg with the named file -k <kernel> Update kernel with the named file -r <ramdisk> Update ramdisk with the named file -s <secondstage> Update secondstage image with the named file ABOOTIMG(1)

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