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Operating Systems Linux Android Any Android Developers in the Forums? Post 302459246 by vino on Monday 4th of October 2010 07:53:53 AM
Originally Posted by Neo
I'm about to make the switch over to Android OS for my mobile phone. I'm thinking my first Android phone might be something like a Samsung Galaxy S or an HTC Desire HD, or I might wait for one of the new Android tablets coming out later this year (like the Samsung 7" tablet on Android).

Was thinking about installing the Android SDK as well.

Any Android Developers out there?
I will be starting off on an Android project soon. Basically port our product to the Android platform.
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GNOME-PHONE-MANAGER(1)						   User Commands					    GNOME-PHONE-MANAGER(1)

gnome-phone-manager - Manage your mobile phone USAGE
gnome-phone-manager [--identify <baddr>] [--config] [-d|--debug]] [--display=DISPLAY] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the gnome-phone-manager command. gnome-phone-manager is a program created to allow you to control aspects of your mobile phone from your GNOME 2 desktop. Current features include: - Runs in the background; indicates status on the panel notification area, - Display on-screen alert when text message (SMS) arrives, - Text message (SMS) sending facility, - Evolution Addressbook integration. OPTIONS
Help Options: -?, --help Show help options --help-all Show all help options --help-gtk Show GTK+ Options --help-gst Show GStreamer Options Application Options: --identify <bdaddr> Show model name of the device with Bluetooth address bdaddr. --config Write the configuration file for gnokii debugging -d, --debug Enable debug --display=DISPLAY X display to use SEE ALSO
Homepage: AUTHOR
gnome-phone-manager was written by Bastien Nocera <<>> and Edd Dumbill <> This manual page was written by Francesco Namuri <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Francesco Namuri July 2007 GNOME-PHONE-MANAGER(1)

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