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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script to list users and their last login? Post 302459014 by tanngo on Sunday 3rd of October 2010 07:52:53 AM
Old 10-03-2010
Thanks Methl,

that works a treat!

Apologies for the original post, we're only ion IE6 at work and it wouldn't format the post correctly :-(
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Hello everyone I need to send to a file the last command from all users who log in and log out by week or month. My questions are I can do it with the command or I need to do a script ? If the answer is I need to do a script, someone can help me because Im complete new to make a... (3 Replies)
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i'm sorry if yesterday i posted this thread in unix for dummies forums, :D i am a newbie in C programming i want to get active users list and their login time... i have search and learn about passwd and utmp, but i only can get user list without their login time... do you have an idea... (2 Replies)
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Hello, I'm trying to do a list of user that never connected to a couple of servers. I want to do a diff between the servers lists, and print out only the users that never has logged on each server. Here my first step : SERVER01: # finger `egrep -v -e "^\s*#" /etc/passwd | awk '{ print $1 }' |... (4 Replies)
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No users can login

Dear Forum, I had this case before, all of sudden all users including root can't login. What done is by connecting to console port and resetting root password, "pwunconv" command, reboot server. My question is, how this can happen??? thanks :confused: (3 Replies)
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FTP script to login and list files to log file

Hi Guys I did a forum search for "ftp scripts" Looked at 8 pages and didnt see anything that would help. Most seem to be logging into a ftp server and transfering files. What I need to do is login to a FTP server. Goto a folder and list it so it showes newest files first. It would be nice to... (4 Replies)
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Script to list primary group of users

Dear All I am facing a problem with my script. I have to found the primary group of users . So first I selected all the groups and users register from a specific user : ONE Then I am making a file with all groups attached to the user : ONE Then I am making a file with all... (8 Replies)
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help to create script for added date to list users

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Get Home Directory for Users in Login Hook Script

I'm writing a script to use as a LoginHook for my Mac users. As part of this script, I need to write to a location in their home directory, but I can't seem to access the path - at this point in the login process, $HOME is empty and ~ gives the path to root's home. Unfortunately, I can't just do... (1 Reply)
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chfn(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   chfn(1)

chfn - change user information used by finger command SYNOPSIS
[login-name] [login-name] [login-name] [login-name] DESCRIPTION
The command changes the user information that is stored in the repository for the current logged-in user or for the user specified by login-name (see passwd(1)). The information is organized as four comma-separated subfields within the reserved(5th) field of the password file entry. It consists of the user's full name, location code, office phone number, and home phone number, in that order. This information is used by the command and other programs (see finger(1)). prompts you for each subfield. The prompt includes a default value, which is enclosed in brackets. Accept the default value by pressing the Return key. To enter a blank subfield, type the word The DCE repository is only available if Integrated Login has been configured; see auth.adm(1M). If Integrated Login has been configured, other considerations apply. A user with appropriate DCE privileges is capable of modifying a user's (gecos) information; this is not dependent upon superuser privileges. If the repository is not specified (as in [login-name]), the information is changed in the file only. Run after running to make sure the information was processed correctly. Notes The command is a hard link to the command. When is executed, actually the command gets executed with appropriate arguments to change the user gecos information in the repository specified in the command line. If no repository is specified, the gecos information is changed in the file. Arguments login-name A login name of a user. Options The following option is recognized: Specify the repository to which the operation is to be applied. Supported repositories include and Subfield Values Up to 1022 printing characters. The command and other utilities expand an found anywhere in this subfield by substituting the login name for it and shifting the first letter of the login name to uppercase. does not alter the input Up to 1022 printing characters. Up to 25 printing characters. inserts appropriate hyphens if the value is all digits. Up to 25 printing characters. inserts appropriate hyphens if the value is all digits. Security Restrictions You must have appropriate privileges to use the optional login-name argument to change another user's information. EXAMPLES
The following is a sample run. The user's input is shown in regular type. WARNINGS
The encoding of office and extension information is installation-dependent. For historical reasons, the user's name, etc., are stored in the file. This is an inappropriate place to store the information. Because two or more users may try to write the file at the same time, a synchronization method was developed. prints a message that the file is busy. When this occurs, sleeps for a short time, then tries to write to the file again. AUTHOR
was developed by the University of California, Berkeley. FILES
chsh(1), finger(1), passwd(1), passwd(4). chfn(1)

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