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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script to list users and their last login? Post 302458651 by methyl on Friday 1st of October 2010 10:47:29 AM
Old 10-01-2010
Rearranging your script a bit. Could not see a sensible use of "for" but you can make good use of "while" to give you a per-user loop.
Don't know what Operating System you have of what Shell is "/bin/sh" on your computer.
This script may or may not need modification for your Shell.
On my computer "last -1" outputs unwanted text if the user has not logged in since the wtmp file was last reset - hence the extra grep to see if "last -1" replied with what we wanted.

cat /etc/passwd | awk -F: '{print $1,$4,$5}' | sort | \
while read username gid gecos
        last_login=`last -1 ${username}|grep \^${username}|awk '{print $4,$5}'`
        echo "${username} ${gid} ${gecos} ${last_login}"
) > `hostname`_userlogins.txt

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LOGIN.ACCESS(5)                                               BSD File Formats Manual                                              LOGIN.ACCESS(5)

login.access -- login access control table DESCRIPTION
The login.access file specifies on which ttys or from which hosts certain users are allowed to login. At login, the /etc/login.access file is checked for the first entry that matches a specific user/host or user/tty combination. That entry can either allow or deny login access to that user. Each entry have three fields separated by colon: o The first field indicates the permission given if the entry matches. It can be either ``+'' (allow access) or ``-'' (deny access) . o The second field is a comma separated list of users or groups for which the current entry applies. NIS netgroups can used (if configured) if preceeded by @. The magic string ALL matches all users. A group will match if the user is a member of that group, or it is the user's primary group. o The third field is a list of ttys, or network names. A network name can be either a hostname, a domain (indicated by a starting period), or a netgroup. As with the user list, ALL matches anything. LOCAL matches a string not containing a period. If the string EXCEPT is found in either the user or from list, the rest of the list are exceptions to the list before EXCEPT. BUGS
If there's a user and a group with the same name, there is no way to make the group match if the user also matches. SEE ALSO
login(1) AUTHORS
The login_access() function was written by Wietse Venema. This manual page was written for Heimdal. HEIMDAL March 21, 2003 HEIMDAL

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