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Full Discussion: How many hosts per subnet
Special Forums IP Networking How many hosts per subnet Post 302458462 by Aia on Friday 1st of October 2010 12:09:51 AM
Old 10-01-2010
Originally Posted by Neo
That really depends on network traffic.
Understandable! However I was under the impression that the hosts of a segment would be constantly broadcasting among them even if not much is actually "user generated traffic". Do I have the wrong impression?

Nevertheless, I wish to not miss the opportunity to ask you: by what rules could I come to the conclusion that the network is heavy on traffic?
Other than, "... hey, the network seems slow"

Would you mind to elaborate a bit?

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GUESSNET-SCAN(8)					      System Manager's Manual						  GUESSNET-SCAN(8)

guessnet-scan - guess network configuration data by looking at network traffic SYNOPSIS
guessnet-scan [options] [ethernet_interface] DESCRIPTION
Guessnet-scan tries to deduce network configuration data by watching network traffic at a given Ethernet interface. After scanning network traffic for some time, guessnet-scan prints a configuration string suitable for inclusion in /etc/network/inter- faces. Note that guessnet-scan uses heuristics and wild guesses and that the resulting data is not guaranteed to be accurate. The program is intended to be used as a first try at getting network configuration data without bothering anyone. OPTIONS
Options follow the usual GNU conventions, --debug Print debugging messages. --help Show a brief summary of commandline options. --init-time=int Time in seconds to wait for the interface to initialize when it is not found already up at program startup. Default: 3 seconds. -t, --timeout=int Time in seconds to watch for network traffic. Default: 5 seconds. -v, --verbose Operate verbosely. --version Show the version number of the program. SCANNING REQUIREMENTS
To correctly identify all data of the local network, guessnet-scan needs to see traffic related to a host in the local network and to the local gateway, if any. To be able to identify the network gateway, guessnet-scan also needs to see some traffic directed to the external network: you can help the detection by generating some outbound IP traffic during the scan, for example by browsing a web page (without proxy) or using telnet to open a connection to some remote host. Note that if you are connected to a switch, guessnet-scan won't probably be able to work, since the switch will isolate it from the network traffic that the other machines are generating. SEE ALSO
guessnet(8), interfaces(5). AUTHOR
Guessnet-scan was written by Enrico Zini <enrico@debian.org>. 10 October 2004 GUESSNET-SCAN(8)

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