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Operating Systems AIX Where to find printer drivers for AIX 5.x Post 302456525 by fabiogilr on Friday 24th of September 2010 12:00:15 PM
Old 09-24-2010
Where to find printer drivers for AIX 5.x

I was wondering if somebody knew of a website where printer drivers can be downloaded for AIX 5.3. Most of our printers are HP and the driver that is installed works properly. As of lately, our users have started to get other type of printers, including Multi-purpose devices. I am struggling to have a Samsung MFP work.

Thanks much

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enable(1)						      General Commands Manual							 enable(1)

enable, disable - enable/disable LP printers SYNOPSIS
printers [reason]] printers DESCRIPTION
The command activates the named printers, enabling them to print requests taken by Use to find the status of printers (see lp(1) and lpstat(1)). deactivates the named printers, disabling them from printing requests taken by By default, any requests that are currently printing on the designated printers are reprinted in their entirety either on the same printer or on another member of the same class. Use to find the status of printers. Options recognizes the following options: Cancel any requests that are currently printing on any of the designated printers. Associate a reason with the deactivation of the printers. This reason applies to all printers mentioned up to the next option. If the option is not present or the option is given without a reason, a default reason is used. reason is reported by The maximum length of the reason message is 80 bytes. reason message of length greater than 80 bytes is truncated to 80 bytes. EXTERNAL INFLUENCES
Environment Variables determines the language in which messages are displayed. If is not specified or is null, it defaults to (see lang(5)). If any internationalization variable contains an invalid setting, all internationalization variables default to (see environ(5)). International Code Set Support Single- and multibyte character code sets are supported. EXAMPLES
Enable printer to accept requests: Deactivate printer and cancel any logged jobs: WARNINGS
If the restrict cancel feature (selected by the option -- see lpadmin(1M)) is enabled, and the user is neither administrator nor the owner of the currently printing request on the designated printer, ignores the option. and perform their operation on the local system only. FILES
lp(1), lpstat(1), accept(1M), lpadmin(1M), lpsched(1M), rcancel(1M), rlp(1M), rlpdaemon(1M), rlpstat(1M). enable(1)

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