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Operating Systems Linux Android Will You Move to an Android Phone or Tablet? Post 302454391 by Neo on Saturday 18th of September 2010 12:11:24 AM
Yes, I wish the Samsung Tab used the same super AMOLED display as the Galaxy S, but I guess there is a reason for using TFT on the larger display. Samsung knows better than me.

Stock photo of Galaxy S, but photos cannot do justice to the amazing AMOLED screen:


What I do know is that the next few months are very exciting times for Android, in both phones and tablets.

Most analysts say Android phones will trump iPhones easily and the new Android tablets will do the same to the iPad. Also, netbooks are now rapidly on the decline, so many analysts say, due to the rise of the breed of super tablets.

Very exciting.

Last edited by Neo; 09-19-2010 at 03:11 AM.. Reason: Corrrected LED-->TFT (added photos)
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phones(4)							   File Formats 							 phones(4)

phones - remote host phone number database SYNOPSIS
/etc/phones DESCRIPTION
The file /etc/phones contains the system-wide private phone numbers for the tip(1) program. /etc/phones is normally unreadable, and so may contain privileged information. The format of /etc/phones is a series of lines of the form: <system-name>[ ]*<phone-number>. The system name is one of those defined in the remote(4) file and the phone number is constructed from [0123456789-=*%]. The `=' and `*' characters are indicators to the auto call units to pause and wait for a second dial tone (when going through an exchange). The `=' is required by the DF02-AC and the `*' is required by the BIZCOMP 1030. Comment lines are lines containing a `#' sign in the first column of the line. Only one phone number per line is permitted. However, if more than one line in the file contains the same system name tip(1) will attempt to dial each one in turn, until it establishes a connection. FILES
/etc/phones SEE ALSO
tip(1), remote(4) SunOS 5.10 14 Jan 1992 phones(4)

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