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Operating Systems Linux Android Will You Move to an Android Phone or Tablet? Post 302454387 by Neo on Friday 17th of September 2010 11:57:36 PM
I'm switching from a Nokia smartphone (E63) to a Samsung Galaxy S at the next OS release (Android 2.1 to 2.2). Wow, what a phone/computer/device!!

These are exciting times in mobile computing!!!
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gnokiid(8)							      gnokii								gnokiid(8)

gnokiid - create a virtual modem for old Nokia mobile phones SYNOPSIS
gnokiid gnokiid [--help|--version|--debug] DESCRIPTION
gnokiid is a tool from the gnokii tool suite used to create a virtual modem device with a Nokia portable telephone. The virtual modem device is usually accessed via a symbolic link called /dev/gnokii (created automatically by mgnokiidev(8)). Please note that you don't need a virtual modem when you have real modem accepting AT Hayes commands (most of the modern phones). gnokiid was written for the phones that supported data transfer but didn't expose AT layer (namely Nokia 6110, 6130, 6150, 5110, 5130). After gnokiid has created the virtual modem, it can be accessed like any other Hayes-compatible modem by such programs as the terminal pro- gram minicom(1) or the PPP daemon pppd(8) to make standard data connections to remote computers. The full range of portable telephone functions (SMS messaging, phone book, operator logos, etc.) are accessed using the command-line pro- gram gnokii(1) or the graphical interface program xgnokii(1x). gnokii is a Linux/Unix tool suite and (eventually) modem/fax driver for Nokia mobile phones, released under the GPL. gnokii supports most phones from the 3810/8110 and 5110/6110 series, details including bugs specific to each series appear in the files Docs/README-3810 and Docs/README-6110 respectively. OPTIONS
If called without any options, gnokiid will set up a virtual modem device using the settings in gnokii(1) config file (if it exists). Oth- erwise, --help print out a short usage message --version print out version, copyright, phone, and serial device info --debug uses STDIN/STDOUT for a virtual modem DIAGNOSTICS
Various error messages are printed to STDERR. BUGS
Hmmm... AUTHOR
Hugh Blemings <hugh at blemings dot org> and Pavel Janik ml. <Pavel.Janik at suse dot cz> are the authors of the gnokii tool suite. This manual page was written by Erik Rossen <rossen at freesurf dot ch>. See also Docs/CREDITS from the gnokii sources. COPYING
This program is distributed under the GNU Public License Version 2, or (at your option) any later version.. SEE ALSO
gnokii, xgnokii, mgnokiidev Erik Rossen May 27, 2001 gnokiid(8)

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