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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Help with pulling / filtering data from a .csv Post 302452151 by LuffyDMonkey on Thursday 9th of September 2010 11:39:27 AM
Question Help with pulling / filtering data from a .csv

Good day Gurus,

I have a csv file that contains an inventory of active servers. This csv file contains a well over a hundred systems (IBM, SUN, HP). It also contains those systems details. See below for an example

hostA,use,"Unknown Server Use"
hostA,obp,Sat Aug 28 20:34:22 2010
hostA,mem,2048 MB
hostB,platform,"Sun Microsystems sun4u Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server"

All I really need is the data from hostname, server platform, serial, and hostid fields. I have a script that will do that.


nawk -F'[,]' '/platform/ {print $1":", $3}; /hostid/ {print $0};
                 /serial/ {print $0}
        ' inventory.csv | sed -e 's/\"//g' > host.txt

The output from my code:
hostA: IBM
hostB: Sun Microsystems sun4u Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server

This code works great. But what I stumped on is, how to pull the data only on the SUN inventory? If anyone have any ideas let me know. I really don't care code I use.

Luffy Smilie
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