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Full Discussion: AWK with multiple delimiters
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting AWK with multiple delimiters Post 302451376 by bartus11 on Monday 6th of September 2010 04:47:48 PM
Old 09-06-2010
Originally Posted by gdub
Works great - Thanks!

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BTW - I am trying to capture STDOUT so hence not read a 'file' but passing the string to awk via a pipe. $0 shows the whole string but $1 shows NULL so it doesn't seem to like the delimiters.

eg. I am trying this:
STR="bla bla bla [123] bla bla" #normally the stdout from a command line call of a software product
RUNID=`echo ${STR} | awk -F'[\\[\\]]' '{print $2}'`
echo ${ID}

There's probably a better way to do it but I haven't coded for years.
any ideas?
STR="bla bla bla [123] bla bla"
RUNID=$(echo ${STR} | awk -F'[\\[\\]]' '{print $2}')
echo ${RUNID}

BTW, if you wanted to use backticks (`) and (") you would need to do this to make it work (not counting Scrutinizer's solution):
RUNID=`echo ${STR} | awk -F"[\\\\\[\\\\\]]" '{print $2}'`

which is some terrible abomination to me Smilie
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poc-fec - send FEC MP3 streams SYNOPSIS
poc-fec [ -s address ] [ -p port ] [ -t ttl ] [ -q ] [ -k fec_k ] [ -n fec_n ] files... DESCRIPTION
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-s address Specify the address to send to (default -p port Specify the port to send to (default 1500). -t ttl Specify the TTL parameter to be set on outgoing parameters (default 1). -q Don't output any information on standard error. -k fec_k Specify the number of ADUs that will be encoded as an ADU group (default 20). -n fec_n Specify the number of packets that the ADU groups will be encoded to (default 25). This number must be greater than the fec_k param- eter. EXAMPLES
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Manuel Odendahl <manuel@bl0rg.net>, Florian Wesch <dividuum@bl0rg.net> February 2005 POC-FEC(1)

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