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Full Discussion: SVN user permissions trouble
Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications SVN user permissions trouble Post 302446524 by benn600 on Thursday 19th of August 2010 03:28:06 PM
Old 08-19-2010
SVN user permissions trouble

I am trying to add a user to my SVN server that can only access one of about a dozen repositories I have set up. Here are the files that I think need changed and what I have set them to. No matter what I try with these files I am unable to see the results I am after. In the end I want this new user to be able to access repository #1 and not 2 or any others (as an example).

user1 = user1pass

anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd
authz-db = authz

# [groups]
# harry_and_sally = harry,sally

# [/foo/bar]
# harry = rw
# * =

# [repository:/baz/fuz]
# @harry_and_sally = rw
# * = r

user1 = rw


This file lists several users I have set up with encrypted passwords. If I add user1 here through ssh the new user works flawlessly. The problem is that the user is able to access all repositories.

Does the /etc/ file hold the complete set of users while /var/svn/ files contain a subset for specific targeting? Editing anything in /var/svn/ has not seemed to make any difference but the /etc/ file gives to much power.

I have spent several hours trying different tutorials and editing these files. I would really appreciate some guidance. Thanks!

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Solved. I had to add an authz file to /etc/httpd/.... and reference it properly from the svn conf file. The repository files don't seem to work in my case.

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svnserve.conf(5)						File Formats Manual						  svnserve.conf(5)

svnserve.conf - Repository configuration file for svnserve SYNOPSIS
repository-path/conf/svnserve.conf DESCRIPTION
svnserve.conf controls the behavior of the svnserve daemon on a per-repository basis. It is located in the conf subdirectory of the repos- itory. The overall structure of the file is the same as the structure of Subversion user configuration files. At the top level are sections, which are specified by words in square brackets; inside each section are variable definitions of the form "variable = value". Lines begin- ning with '#' are ignored. svnserve.conf currently uses only one section named "general", and supports the following variables: anon-access = none|read|write Determines the access level for unauthenticated users. write access allows all repository operations. read access allows all opera- tions except committing and changing revision properties. none access allows no access. The default level is read. auth-access = none|read|write Determines the access level for authenticated users, using the same access levels as above. The default level is write. password-db = filename Sets the location of the password database. filename may be relative to the repository conf directory. There is no default value. The password database has the same overall format as this file. It uses only one section "users"; each variable within the section is a username, and each value is a password. authz-db = filename The authz-db option controls the location of the authorization rules for path-based access control. filename may be relative to the repository conf directory. There is no default value. If you don't specify an authz-db, no path-based access control is done. realm = realm-name Sets the authentication realm of the repository. If two repositories have the same password database, they should have the same realm, and vice versa; this association allows clients to use a single cached password for several repositories. The default realm value is the repository's uuid. EXAMPLE
The following example svnserve.conf allows read access for authenticated users, no access for anonymous users, points to a passwd database in the same directory, and defines a realm name. [general] anon-access = none auth-access = read password-db = passwd realm = My First Repository The file "passwd" would look like: [users] joeuser = joepassword jayrandom = randomjay SEE ALSO
svnserve(8) svnserve.conf(5)

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