Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting awk command : To print the output to a file Post 302444918 by Klashxx on Friday 13th of August 2010 07:14:41 AM
Umm a sintax error , try:
awk 'NR==7{min=$3;max=$3} NR>7{if ($3>max){max=$3};if ($3<min){min=$3}}END{delay=max-min; print "To: "min"  Tmax : "max"   delay= "delay }'

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MOD_GEARMAN_WORKER(8)					  System Administration Utilities				     MOD_GEARMAN_WORKER(8)

mod_gearman_worker - Agent that runs active checks from a gearman queue DESCRIPTION
usage: worker [ --debug=<lvl> ] [ --logmode=<automatic|stdout|syslog|file> ] [ --logfile=<path> ] [ --debug-result ] [ --help|-h ] [ --daemon|-d ] [ --config=<configfile> ] [ --server=<server> ] [ --dupserver=<server> ] [ --hosts ] [ --services ] [ --eventhandler ] [ --hostgroup=<name> ] [ --servicegroup=<name> ] [ --do_hostchecks ] [ --min-worker=<nr> ] [ --max-worker=<nr> ] [ --max-age=<sec> ] [ --timeout ] [ --encryption=<yes|no> ] [ --key=<string> ] [ --keyfile=<file> ] [ --min-worker=<nr> ] [ --max-worker=<nr> ] [ --idle-timeout=<nr> ] [ --max-jobs=<nr> ] [ --spawn-rate=<nr> ] [ --fork_on_exec ] [ --show_error_output ] [ --enable_embedded_perl ] [ --use_embedded_perl_implicitly ] [ --use_perl_cache ] [ --p1_file ] [ --workaround_rc_25 ] see README for a detailed explaination of all options. SEE ALSO
The Mod Gearman documentation is available in /usr/share/doc/mod-gearman/README.html mod_gearman_worker 1.3.6-1 July 2012 MOD_GEARMAN_WORKER(8)

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