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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Enable and disable the auto mount Post 302443478 by Corona688 on Monday 9th of August 2010 03:26:11 AM
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In what OS?

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QUOTAON(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						QUOTAON(8)

quotaon, quotaoff -- turn filesystem quotas on and off SYNOPSIS
quotaon [-g] [-u] [-v] filesystem ... quotaon [-g] [-u] [-v] -a quotaoff [-g] [-u] [-v] filesystem ... quotaoff [-g] [-u] [-v] -a DESCRIPTION
Quotaon announces to the system that disk quotas should be enabled on one or more filesystems. Quotaoff announces to the system that the specified filesystems should have disk quotas turned off. The filesystem must be mounted and it must have the appropriate mount option file located at its root, the .quota.ops.user file for user quota configuration, and the file for group quota configuration. Quotaon also expects each filesystem to have the appropriate quota data files located at its root, the .quota.user file for user data, and the file for group data. These filenames and their root location cannot be overridden. By default, quotaon will attempt to enable both user and group quotas. By default, quotaoff will disable both user and group quotas. Available options: -a If the -a flag is supplied in place of any filesystem names, quotaon/quotaoff will enable/disable any filesystems with an existing mount option file at its root. The mount option file specifies the types of quotas that are to be configured. -g Only group quotas will be enabled/disabled. The mount option file,, must exist at the root of the filesystem. -u Only user quotas will be enabled/disabled. The mount option file, .quota.ops.user, must exist at the root of the filesystem. -v Causes quotaon and quotaoff to print a message for each filesystem where quotas are turned on or off. Specifying both -g and -u is equivalent to the default. Quotas for both users and groups will automatically be turned on at filesystem mount if the appropriate mount option file and binary data file is in place at its root. FILES
Each of the following quota files is located at the root of the mounted filesystem. The mount option files are empty files whose existence indicates that quotas are to be enabled for that filesystem. .quota.user data file containing user quotas data file containing group quotas .quota.ops.user mount option file used to enable user quotas mount option file used to enable group quotas SEE ALSO
quota(1), quotactl(2), edquota(8), quotacheck(8), repquota(8) HISTORY
The quotaon command appeared in 4.2BSD. 4.2 Berkeley Distribution October 17, 2002 4.2 Berkeley Distribution

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