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Full Discussion: [Solved] Mail::Sender Doubt
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting [Solved] Mail::Sender Doubt Post 302441055 by dahlia84 on Thursday 29th of July 2010 08:12:37 AM
Old 07-29-2010
[Solved] Mail::Sender Doubt

I am using the below code to send an email

sub BEGIN {
        unshift (@INC,'/opt/dev/common/mds/perlLib');

use Mail::Sender;

$sender = new Mail::Sender
{smtp => '', from => 'abc@xyz.xom'};
$sender->MailFile({to => 'abc@xyz.xom',
subject => 'Here is the file',
msg => "I'm sending you the list you wanted."});


But, it is not sending the mail at all. What is wrong in my code?

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Found it myself..

Should have used MailMsg instead if MailFile. Smilie Thanks!

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Mail::SPF::v2::Record(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  Mail::SPF::v2::Record(3)

Mail::SPF::v2::Record - Sender ID ("spf2.0") record class SYNOPSIS
See Mail::SPF::Record. DESCRIPTION
An object of class Mail::SPF::v2::Record represents a Sender ID ("spf2.0") record. Constructors The following constructors are provided: new(%options): returns Mail::SPF::v2::Record Creates a new Sender ID ("spf2.0") record object. %options is a list of key/value pairs representing any of the following options: text terms global_mods See "new" in Mail::SPF::Record. scopes Required. See "new" in Mail::SPF::Record. The 'mfrom' and 'pra' scopes are supported. There is no default. new_from_string($text, %options): returns Mail::SPF::v2::Record; throws Mail::SPF::ENothingToParse, Mail::SPF::EInvalidRecordVersion, Mail::SPF::ESyntaxError Creates a new Sender ID ("spf2.0") record object by parsing the string and any options given. Class methods The following class methods are provided: version_tag_pattern: returns Regexp Returns a regular expression that matches a version tag of 'spf2.0/' plus a comma-separated list of any of the 'mfrom' and 'pra' scopes. The following are valid version tags: spf2.0/mfrom spf2.0/pra spf2.0/mfrom,pra spf2.0/pra,mfrom default_qualifier results_by_qualifier See "Class methods" in Mail::SPF::Record. Instance methods The following instance methods are provided: text scopes terms global_mods global_mod stringify eval See "Instance methods" in Mail::SPF::Record. version_tag: returns string Returns 'spf2.0/' plus a comma-separated list of the scopes of the record. See "version_tag_pattern" for a list of possible return values. SEE ALSO
Mail::SPF, Mail::SPF::Record, Mail::SPF::Term, Mail::SPF::Mech, Mail::SPF::Mod <> For availability, support, and license information, see the README file included with Mail::SPF. AUTHORS
Julian Mehnle <>, Shevek <> perl v5.16.2 2013-08-25 Mail::SPF::v2::Record(3)

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